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I was taking another look at the power suit ideas illustrated in a few of my previous pieces with an eye toward combining them into a "infantry version". In a lot of the previous versions I had a sleeve of a bullet-resistant material that served as a form of protection for the entire arm. While it was an interesting idea to mess around with, the sleeves were eventually swapped out for shoulder pads. The pads at least look like a substantial piece of armour capable of stopping a bullet than say a sleeve. Next up is the thigh armour. Previous illustrations had a thick plate of armour that sat on top of the thigh armour, but because I hadn't provided a visual indicator of how they were attached to one I decided to replace it with something a bit more conventional looking.
Anyway looking at most of the stuff I have done recently, I figure i'll probably take a break from the whole Tan, grey and blue grey. I feel like it is getting tiresome and would do quite a lot of good to explore other cool colour combinations that are out there.
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