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It was fun to do this illustration of a Moritat.

I followed the colour scheme of the Moritat with Volkite Serpentas, which means he is from the Blood Angels Legion.

The Forgeworld model was really awesome looking and the concept of a "criminal" space marine being let loose with two pistols and a jump pack felt compelling.
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Wow, looks pretty good!
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Don't volkites release red energy?
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Yes they do! But notice, those aren't volkite serpentas.
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ooft they're plasma pistols, my bad
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 Splendid Work as ever Bobot!
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Thanks man! Much appreciated!
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 Thank You for posting your works to be appreciated by an admiring community.Nod 
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Moritat. I am not entirely sure wether I like these fellas or not.

Either way, the illustration is awesome! 
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Who doesn't like the concept of outlaw gunslinger space marines?
More like suicidal assassins/hunter killers/shock troopers that will kick your ass so hard Khorne will shed manly tears for it.

There is a good reason why Robbie made sure the Moritat were in every single Legion (after his boys had their asses handled by the RG's Ash Blind).
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I am not sure! Maybe the same people who don't like Cypher running around shooting two pistols xD
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Wow! Gorgeous work!
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beautiful work :) interesting marine as well. ancient weapon for a ancient badass
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Aye, those moritat are badasses!
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A part of lore only the very interesting in 30k and only implemented akin to the moritat by the blood angles death company in 40k
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Probably the most badass Heresy-era marines of the Heresy who are not named characters, these guys give off such an awesome vibe that you here have shown justice to beautifully!
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Thank you so much!
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