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Guard and Traitor (Death and Duty mod)

Character Vignettes for the Mod Death and Duty. These two are specifically for the team select screen. 😀

To clarify, these are only for faction representation and not actual mechanics.
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before and after doing warp dust

Don't do drugs kids

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The traitor guardsman looks like he's either from Blood Pact or Lost and Damned.

Blood packs are Lost and Damned.

It's the nickname given to all traitor guards

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Blood pact was a touch point when painting this.

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  How did  Chaos Guardsmen get so ripped?
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Its all that warp juice!
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I have joined chaos mainly cause i hate ultrasmurfs and guilman. And matt word. Also Chaos would make Humanity the strongest race in the universe. And we shall take the stars for ourselfes.

Ultrasmurfs are fine when not written by Matt Ward.
See They Shall Know No Fear by Dan Abnett for exemple.
The Imperium isn’t just the ultramarines, its the imperial guard, the inquisition, other chapters, the sisters of battle..

And chaos won’t make humanity powerful.
Becoming demented slave race is not power, its defeat of the human spirit, of everything we’ve achieved. Betrayal of the Emperor’s work itself.

Our destiny is to become supreme beings like the Emperor. It might take thousands if not millions of years, but the wait is acceptable.

But we cannot fall to chaos in that time.
Chaos is devolution. Chaos is falling to your impulses and emotions
nice and death to the corpse emperor 
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"Join us, we got skull slappas"

Nice Falcata!

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It's Khorne's heretic?

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Could be with all that red armour! I mostly chose red because the colour for the Death and Duty's traitor guard was red.
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So, it must be the servant of Chaos Indivisible. =)

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Awesome! Looks like a Vraks enforcer 
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