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Stormcast by Bobot073 Stormcast :iconbobot073:Bobot073 49 8 Salamander by Bobot073 Salamander :iconbobot073:Bobot073 155 14 Frost Warframe by Bobot073 Frost Warframe :iconbobot073:Bobot073 57 6 Onwards by Bobot073 Onwards :iconbobot073:Bobot073 157 4 Sliding Landing by Bobot073 Sliding Landing :iconbobot073:Bobot073 105 2 Tess by Bobot073 Tess :iconbobot073:Bobot073 19 2 Emperor's Champion Sketch by Bobot073 Emperor's Champion Sketch :iconbobot073:Bobot073 151 26 Asuka Soryu Langley by Bobot073 Asuka Soryu Langley :iconbobot073:Bobot073 22 0 The 6 Arms by Bobot073 The 6 Arms :iconbobot073:Bobot073 34 7 Imperial Fist Terminator by Bobot073 Imperial Fist Terminator :iconbobot073:Bobot073 91 21 First Acolyte and the Last Squire by Bobot073 First Acolyte and the Last Squire :iconbobot073:Bobot073 24 4 The Red Orc by Bobot073 The Red Orc :iconbobot073:Bobot073 256 16 Payment by Bobot073 Payment :iconbobot073:Bobot073 502 63 Raging Carcharodons by Bobot073 Raging Carcharodons :iconbobot073:Bobot073 258 37 Find Them (Full Image) by Bobot073 Find Them (Full Image) :iconbobot073:Bobot073 141 8 Find Them by Bobot073 Find Them :iconbobot073:Bobot073 20 1


Pieta Caesar Terrachan by earltheartist Pieta Caesar Terrachan :iconearltheartist:earltheartist 15 6 astartes in manga form? by earltheartist astartes in manga form? :iconearltheartist:earltheartist 20 9 Phi'Leos the Unbroken by d1sarmon1a Phi'Leos the Unbroken :icond1sarmon1a:d1sarmon1a 230 22 vehicle sketch by TimoKujansuu vehicle sketch :icontimokujansuu:TimoKujansuu 94 8 Like a Sword of Fire by MobileSuitGio Like a Sword of Fire :iconmobilesuitgio:MobileSuitGio 138 6 ~Beyond Death~ by Luches ~Beyond Death~ :iconluches:Luches 356 41 Ultramarine-4th company by DiegoGisbertLlorens Ultramarine-4th company :icondiegogisbertllorens:DiegoGisbertLlorens 291 11 Rough Terrain by TypeProton Rough Terrain :icontypeproton:TypeProton 17 3 Chapter Master Ekene Debaku by earltheartist Chapter Master Ekene Debaku :iconearltheartist:earltheartist 32 11 Dauntless Aguila II a.k.a 'The Datu' by OldManLefty Dauntless Aguila II a.k.a 'The Datu' :iconoldmanlefty:OldManLefty 627 52 Pacific rim Jaeger Contest by derrickSong Pacific rim Jaeger Contest :iconderricksong:derrickSong 966 46 Shadow Javelin by SUPERsaeJANG Shadow Javelin :iconsupersaejang:SUPERsaeJANG 1,682 70 Ornstein and Smough by Grobelski Ornstein and Smough :icongrobelski:Grobelski 186 2 Hero's return by Grobelski Hero's return :icongrobelski:Grobelski 465 14 Wrath and Glory-Dark Tides cover by DiegoGisbertLlorens Wrath and Glory-Dark Tides cover :icondiegogisbertllorens:DiegoGisbertLlorens 692 17 Blood Angels Leviathan Dreadnought by Lutherniel Blood Angels Leviathan Dreadnought :iconlutherniel:Lutherniel 254 25


A fun Stormcast fan art.  Originally done for the Instagram format, but I decided to post it here because it would feel like a waste if I didn't. :D
A fun warhammer 40k fan art of space marine from the Salamanders Chapter. I think my most favourite part of the whole thing is the salamander hide shoulder coverings and "cloak". The idea to use rings to hold the hides was inspired by an image I found on google. I saw that design element and thought that I could expand it's usage just a bit more to handle a full length cloak.

Also some poor guy burning in the background because Salamanders :x
Frost Warframe
Got struck by an idea for a warframe illustration so I decided go ahead and do it :D

Helmet is my own design, I would model it for tennogen, but I lack the 3d modelling skills to actually make it happen. Maybe it will be a thing sometime in the future!
A fun illustration of a character I am developing. She is a swords-woman for hire,  the First Acolyte and the Last Squire.

I did this mostly as an excuse to practice some of the drawing techniques outlined in moderndayjames' drawing tutorials on youtube and gumroad. It is all very usable and practical information, all that is left is to build a habit of drawing using those techniques to build up my draftsmanship.

I was also referencing one of the paintings done by Zezhou. I like a lot of his work, but also, because the pose was particularly challenging for me, I decided reference his work as a way to double check.
Sliding Landing
Been watching Full Metal Panic recently and really liked the M9 mechs that serves on the side of the protagonists. I also like the Tactical Surface Fighters from Muvluv Alternative, so I looked to integrate their jump units (in concept). The infantry men were added to give a sense of scale to the mechs. 
I also have a fun bonus image on instagram, which you can check out here. I would greatly appreciate it if you guys could take a look. :happybounce:  
Commission information is below!

Commissions Status: Open

Single Character (7-9 days)
Sister of Battle by Bobot073  Imperial Fist Reiver by Bobot073  Lady Lightning Sword by Bobot073  STORM WARDEN by Bobot073

Multi Character (14 days minimum)
Imperial Fist by Bobot073 Launching by Bobot073 Breach by Bobot073 Crimson Fist Primaris Captain by Bobot073

Bust (5-7 Days)
Frost by Bobot073 Loki Prime by Bobot073

Things I will not do:
Excessive gore

Everything else can be done.

Commission Process

Note: All invoices will be made to you in USD.


Email or note me directly with the following:
  1. A description of what you want in your image. Would be especially helpful if you had a particular narrative in mind.
  2. Any references for the characters, props, vehicles, background, etc in your image. (i.e. Age, personality, pose, material, etc. Anything left undefined will be left for me to decide.)
  3. Purpose of this commission*. i.e. Personal poster, Book cover etc (This information is needed to help define the size and settings of the image file)
  4. Specific deliverable items. i.e. Specific cropping sizes, file types, etc (The default package is a full-res .png of the commission)
Ideally we will have a conversation about each of these points so that we are both on the same page.

*Commissions for Commercial projects will require further discussion.

From here you will receive black and white preliminary sketches based on the information presented. Provide any feedback and changes to the sketch. You will also be quoted a price at this point.


When a sketch has been approved. A 50% initial payment will be sent to you via Paypal's invoicing system. 

Work on the commission will begin when the first invoice has been paid. The time needed for the commission starts at this point.

You will receive progress updates via email/note regularly every one to two days. (If you want more or less communication let me know)

Upon completion, a low-mid resolution .jpg will be sent to you for approval.

If you have a large edits you want to make at this point that deviates from the original brief, the first significant edit will be free. Subsequent large edits will be charged an appropriate fee and attached to the final invoice.

If approved, the second invoice will sent to you. Once paid the aforementioned deliverable items will be released to you via download link to a .zip file hosted on my google drive. (These files will be removed from google drive once you have confirmed receiving the completed commission.)

  • I reserve the right to post the final image to any platform/place/location.
  • All commissions are treated as for personal use, unless discussed otherwise.
  • If you post the image to other places, I ask that you credit me as in the post.


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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Worked on Strain Tactics (2015-2017)

Graduated 3dsense Media School, Singapore

Graduate of the COFA UNSW


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