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Welcome to BoBoiBoy Terbaik! FC!

:bulletblue: A place for all BoBoiBoy fans to gather! We welcome you to share your love towards BBB through art!
:bulletyellow: All types of arts allowed; digital, traditional, painting... whatever!
:bulletblue: Except the original picture/screenshot of BoBoiBoy and those with mature content.
:bulletyellow: Hurry pick up your pencil or pen and use your skills and abilities to create wonderful art like a BBB fans you are!
:bulletblue: For your information, this is a fan-made group, so let's work together~!

:pointr: OBJECTIVE
:bulletpink: To appreciate your BBB fanart artwork!
:bulletyellow: To collect them in one place!
:bulletpink: To share with everyone!
:bulletyellow: To encourage you to create one!
:bulletpink: To give as a gift to Animonsta Studios!

:pointr: JOIN NOW!
:bulletred: Just click 'Join Our Group' button located in our group front page in order to become a member and wait for approval level.
:bulletred: Please tell us your nationality, we glad to have BBB fans around the world~!
:bulletred: After joined, invite your friends!
:bulletred: Let's become a member rather than watcher!
:bulletred: Do you want to be a Contributor? Make sure you have over than 10 BBB fanarts artwork and send us a request through note.

:pointr: RULES
:bulletorange: No stealing other peoples' arts. Doing this will result in a permanent ban.
:bulletorange: We do not permit any of the screenshots of wallpapers deviations.
:bulletorange: No trash talking please. Respect each other.
:bulletorange: Since this is a kids' and general show, there are a lot of kids looking at your arts! so no nudity art here please.
:bulletorange: Friends, we hope all of you make a good fanart. Well since because BoBoiBoy is MALAY-sia and MUSLIMS cartoon, we hope all of you do not draw Boboiboy or others characther in 'awkward position'. We don't want the young children see it, ruined their mind, they will misunderstanding about BoBoiBoy. This is a kid-oriented animation. Please keep in mind.

:bulletyellow: Go to our Gallery…
:bulletyellow: Please pick a correct folder according to your fanart character.
:bulletyellow: Click only on the + symbol and choose your deviation you want to submit.
:bulletyellow: If you have more than one character in your deviation, choose only one character folders.
:bulletyellow: Please make sure to submit according to the correct folder. Submission to the incorrect folder will be denied. 

Simple isn't it? We'd love to accept new members and please do enjoy your stay here :D
Any questions or problems, you can ask either ryocutema or Ariieya or Fia-V98
or leave a comment on this group.
Thank you~ :heart:

Group Info

:bulletred: A fan club that is dedicated to BoBoiBoy fans~!
:bulletpurple: All fanarts related to the BBB will gather here~!
Founded 11 Years ago
Dec 19, 2011


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Fan Club

902 Members
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Gallery Folders

7th Anniversary
BBB: 7th anniversary sketch! by MiraMineko
Chibi BBB Blaze to Monsta by Xierally
Monsta's 7th Anniversary Doodle by KaoruAmethyst-Chan
Happy 7th Anniversary by ryocutema
Stay Strong Sulawesi Island by revinchristianhatol
Check This Out! by HanifAnims
Fire and Water by Winter-Scarf
From Zero to Hero (part 1): BoBoiBoy by VeroTherik
Fang - Evil version by Atesazuya
Shadows by PowerfulRin
From Zero to Hero (part 5): Fang by VeroTherik
Fang sketches! by petexlr
From Zero to Hero (part 2): Yaya by VeroTherik
Happy Birthday Yaya!! (2K18) by StarEhBoy
Happy Birthday Yaya! 2018 by ScarletDiamondHeart
Chibi Boboiboy : 02 Yaya by Fia-V98
From Zero to Hero (part 4): Ying by VeroTherik
[BoBoiBoy Galaxy] - Casual Ying by Ghita-Ri
Ying: Hamparan Kekwa by Crea-Sunny
Ying Galaxy by HaruruHazelnut
From Zero to Hero (part 3): Gopal by VeroTherik
We're gold by TheBetweener
Gopal : Sniper makanan sedia membantu :) by megafei
Together by AppleLora
Adu Du, Probe and Computer
Photosynthesis Duo by IntonPutri
BoBoiBoys' Elementals by IntonPutri
Kuih Raya Stealer by Laasuzi
Evil green alien by TheBetweener
Other characters
Doodle Kaizo (Abang Kassim) by ashouji
boboiboy and fang by mizwan44
Reunion (BBB x DBH) by RifkiTheAmateur
Mr. Governor by DoodleDumps9i18r
Flash, GIF, Stamp, Icon and Stuff
Kassim (Kaizo) and  Pirate minion (ANGST GIF) by Atesazuya
Windy Animation (test) by Laasuzi
[BoBoiBoy Fan Animation] - Fire Transformation. by Ghita-Ri
Comic, Meme, Fanfic and Review
Main 5 Origin... by CarlGuy12
OC and Crossover
A Frickin' Trap XD by AZ9i18r


:star:About BoBoiBoy:star:

BoBoiBoy is a Malaysian 3D-animated series produced by Animosta Studios about a group of friends with superpowers and their battle against evil alien invaders. BoBoiBoy is the main character of the series, and he has the power to split into three and each of them can control the elements Earth, Lightning and Wind. The show is targeted to Children and Teenagers though written that is suitable for the whole family to watch together.
More about BoBoiBoy click here.





:iconprobe-plz::iconsaysplz:wow! banyaknya fanart BoBoiBoy! Gile Kool!
:iconaduduplz::iconsaysplz:eh?! Aku punya fanart pun ada! hehehe!
:iconyaya-plz::iconsaysplz:comelnya fanart Yaya! Terima kasih!
:iconying-plz::iconsaysplz:ehe! terbaik worh!
:icongopal-plz::iconsaysplz: uhuhuhu korang memang terbaik!
:iconbbbplz::iconsaysplz: hehehe TERBAIK!
:iconfang---plz::iconsaysplz: Hmph~! Aku punya lagi hebat~!

:iconbbblaplz: :iconfang-laplz:

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