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Green Eyed Monster

Another colour treatment on the same scan, i wanted to go for the kinda scary otherworldly look. Let me know if i achieved it.
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I guess I won't like you when you're angry. :P
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i really love this picture!!!:) cool!!:)
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Thanks! its fun scanning yourself in! lol
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thanks, is it green eyed monster enough though?
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ahhh wat ye mean by dat???
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what kinda thing does it make you think? i mean i was going for scary/jealousy. But seen as its a self portrait, i dunno.
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well if u wer going for a scary look aint working it look kinda cute to try to darken it n leave da eyes brighter than da resy n try putting like a wolf's eye on it :D
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cute? lol im cute if i scan my face in JOKES!!
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hmmmm really dnt lie.messing
well people do look nice in photos well i knw i dnt so i never
he wid yer permission can i give it a go i'll use ur photo n try doing my very own green eye monster

well cya
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sure! lol, i dont smile either, or i smirk in a really unattractive way! yeah go for it try messing with my scan! Im not even sure its a photo though seen as if you scan your face into a computer does that count as a photo~?
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