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Redemption: Power Chart
(Base idea is taken from Yu Yu Hakusho; kind of a nice way to describe it so like, why not?)
Power and magical abilities are derived from the levels of energy found in a soul. This energy, or “spirit energy”, is supplied by the universe and is a fundamental aspect in the structure of a soul. All living organisms have some amount of spirit energy since they contain a soul. Artificial life is the only exception. Even the gods have something similar to spirit energy as they are tied heavily to the universe itself. Levels of spirit energy can be broken down into the following grades: E, D, C, B, A, and S. Above that is considered god-tier.
Grade Levels for Earth:
Almost zero: bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, etc
Low: plants, insects, fish, etc
Normal: average mammals (including humans)
High: humans with 6th sense/affinity with supernatural; low-leveled fae, mermaids, weak werewolves and vampires, etc
Average fae and human-based supernatura
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Redemption: Numbers
Initially a joint project between the oni Reikou Inoguchi and vampire Kokushibyo (see Kuro), the Numbers are a special type of organic artificial life. What sets the Numbers apart from other organic artificial life is that they are born via methods that should result in the creation of a soul. However, using a magic-based algorithm developed by Reikou, when the step to assign a soul arrives, the automated system utilized by the Solar System’s Life is spoofed into believing one is already present and moves on to the next step. With souls out of the picture, any restrictions set in place by the gods are now lifted, leading to endless reality-breaking possibilities. In the early stages, the Numbers project was able to function without the knowledge of Life and Death, but soon Life itself tired to personally end the project. This failed (see Reikou). Later, against Death’s wishes, Life declared that all Numbers should be allowed to exist and be kept a secret from
:iconbobo-kitty:Bobo-Kitty 1 0
Redemption: Death Workers
Death Workers are those employed by the Solar System’s Death. They are responsible for collecting souls, sorting and processing them, and then sending them along to be scrubbed clean for reuse, thus removing any lingering memories or emotions tied to the previous life. From there, Death will pass on the souls to Life, where they will be fed into Life’s automated system and used for new creations. All offices are located in the Underworld, though some Death Workers may receive permission to reside on the Surface. The organization’s hierarchy consists of the following:
Regional managers
Branch managers
Team supervisors
Ground level workers and staff
Reapers are ancient, independent workers of immense power who report directly to Death. Each reaper is formed after a mass extinction event. The excessive amounts of souls floating about results in junk data that cannot be processed properly. This junk data starts to group together, and after enough have gather
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Redemption: The Solar System
Life and Death of the Solar System are considered to be among the odd gods group. They interact frequently (frequent for beings that live for several billion years) with creations, often accompanied with feminine appearances and a tendency for female pronouns.
Life is detached from their creations as a whole and instead opts for a highly sophisticated, automated system with little maintenance needed (picture a fully automated factory). With this, they have the option to go off and take on various identities in other systems and galaxies. They do not get along well with many gods due to this. Piling claims of sabotage eventually put an end to these outings along with troubles mounting back home, i.e. giant portals opened to other realities causing a mass extinction on Earth (see Redemption).
Death, on the other hand, is very involved with the Solar System, especially Earth, even if they do not stray from their duties. They run a massive organization full of employees known as Dea
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Redemption: Creations
All life, down to single-celled organisms, is made up of three components, each proportional to the creature in question:
A being lacking one of the three tends to feel incomplete and develop a craving of varying extremes to try and fill that empty slot. For example:
Mind and Soul: ghosts or spirits
Body and Soul: zombies and ghouls
Mind and Body: artificial life
The body is what the creation is encased in; the mind is all thought process and commands. The soul is energy from the Universe that breathes life into a creation, fuels/sustains it, and allows it to be manipulated by the gods. The more complex the creation is, the more the three components influence and shape each other. Upon death, the soul, once scrubbed clean if need be, is reused for later creations. Simplistic souls from less complex organisms will gather together until they form a large enough ball to be collected and processed. If left unattended, these clusters will continue to float about and grow in s
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Redemption: Life and Death Gods
Key features:
Life: cold, uncaring, aloof, unlikely to form attachments, general dislike of the living
Death: warm, loving, kind, forms attachments easily, hates killing
The reason both Life and Death are not fond of their roles is to create a balance between the two. This way, both gods are not trying to outdo each other, such as Life using up all the resources to make a ridiculous amount of creations before Death can process them all, or Death going ax-crazy and killing everything constantly before Life has a chance to properly make anything. That said, mass extinction events are not uncommon in the grand scheme of things, but the scale of which they occur is at a manageable level.
There have been some occasions where a Life will become enamored with their creations, resulting in strange instances such as specific creations being made over and over again, or eradicating life and starting over to reenact a particular event until the god is satisfied. Or, in other cases,
:iconbobo-kitty:Bobo-Kitty 1 0
Redemption: God System
Hierarchy of gods:
Super Clusters
Galaxy Clusters
Galaxy Groups
Planetary Systems
Tiers 1 - 5 have a personification, a being, that represents them. This being is the god. Naturally, gods are sexless and genderless, however they may choose a form that is. That said, some gods will gravitate towards various genders, especially at the lower levels where they interact with various creations. Each god tier is responsible for creating the tier below and so on.
Each planetary system starts out with two gods: Life and Death. Both are needed for the system to function properly. Losing both gods results in the complete death of the system. Sometimes, when these gods are not formed properly, they pass away, and the excess waste left behind will gather together to make star systems or clusters. These areas are known as dead zones, as no gods naturally reside there. Wayward Lifes and Deaths who have lost their other half can be found hanging around these systems from time to time
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Ho boy! What a year 2018 was! ; w ; I don't want to ever relive it. I have no idea what I'm going to do for this year, just that I need to work on self-compassion. That's it, that's my new year's resolution: learning to love myself. That has been a struggle of mine for a very long time haha.

By the way, Redemption isn't dead, but I have no idea when chapter 3 will be done. I don't want to make any promises at this rate, just's not dead.

Let's see...what else...

Ah, I am trying school again, which I am very nervous about. Easing back in with Art 101 and then hopefully moving on to some animation courses. Who knows? I really have no idea what to expect for 2019 haha.

So yeah, that's it for now. Whoo!
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