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Lorcan And Grace Eternal Love

Oi! Stoppit you two!

Should I do more animations?

This is part of my Vampirates gallery [link]

Please respect my copyright, thanks.
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this is amazing of course you should make more! i love this
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I'm not sure if I'll ever do more *has a think* no, I'm still not sure....
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Yes. How did you make it?
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Titania-Of-Elysium's avatar
Awesome! Loving both Vampires AND Pirates just recently got into Vampirates. Kudos to Justin Somper & You for this Awesome pic!
Titania-Of-Elysium's avatar
Love it! Just got into Vampirates, loving both Vampires & Pirates. Hoisting the colours WITH fangs! Kudos to Justin Somper & you for this awesome pic :)
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omgogmogm. I LOVE YOU! ;u;
this is just beautiful!! C: Lorcan + Grace = :heart: <3333
thank you this!!!!!!!!! ;u;
boblea's avatar
Haha! You're welcome :blush:
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I just started reading this series today. Are the later books any better?
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Ummm it depends on what you mean by better :bucktooth:
Terrajaide's avatar
I dunno. I read the first book, but it didn't really do it for me. :shrug:
boblea's avatar
Aw, it doesn't sound to me like you'd enjoy the others but never mind, we can't all like the same things can we? :pat:
Terrajaide's avatar
Lol, very true. :nod:
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Just started reading a week ago (I'm at Blood Captain now) and I love this series. :heart: Awesome Vampirate Gallery and superb animation~:clap:
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Yes, it's a great series isn't it? :) Thanks Adina, you're very nice :bow:
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I knew there was a Hollywood moment coming! :D I really like this 3D thing, but it must take ages to make? Oh, well, it's worth it, isn't it? :D
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A Hollywood moment! Hah! Well, it took maybe 4 days. Yes it was worth it, thanks! :lol:
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ehm, why Lorcan be shirtless...?
boblea's avatar
Ummm because it's at the Vampdryer Cleaners.
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