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Storm - Captured and Kidnapped (8/8) OTS

Character  Storm X-MenCharacter  Ororo Munroe (Storm)Character  Ororo Munroe/StormLocation  X-Men Universe


In 2008 I commissioned the DA Artist Sturkwurk to do an 8-piece commission story based on the events of X-Men The Animated Series S02E09 

Storm - X-Men TAS - S02E09 - 01 (Gas) by BobKO   Storm - X-Men TAS - S02E09 - 02 (Gas) by BobKO  Storm - X-Men TAS - S02E09 - 03 (Gas) by BobKO  Storm - X-Men TAS - S02E09 - 04 (Unc) by BobKO  

The scene above ☝️ was always one of my favourite scenes from the X-Men Animated Series but as it happened so quickly in the particular episode, I was looking for a way to slow it down a bit and drag the scene out a bit. So in typical '90ies fashion and with a little bit of cliché borrowed from any of the good old TV that aired 60's, 70's or 80's here's a little 8-page story of Storm (X-Men Animated Series Style) getting knocked out and kidnapped while she is looking for her teammate, enjoy!

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Hey, that looks like the same bad man that knocked Sue Storm (the Invisible Woman) unconscious in this commission story!

Sue Storm - Faint 1
Sue Storm - Faint 2
Sue Storm - Faint 3
Sue Storm - Faint 4
Sue Storm Faint 5
Sue Storm Faint 06