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Hey, thanks for visiting my gallery on DA. Many of you already know me from the (now deleted) Youtube channel or the forums.

Occasionally I commission art or entire comic pages which I add to my gallery for others to enjoy. None of the pieces in my gallery were drawn or coloured by me and all credit goes to the talented artists I work with.

I myself enjoy working with existing (sometimes older) material and upscaling, re-mastering that in various ways.

If you've enjoyed something in my gallery, I'm always interested in hearing about it. After all, there's not many places for us to discuss our interests.

Other Interests
superheroines, armcarries, did
Today is the day. This afternoon they will be releasing a first look of the new X-Men 97 cartoon at SDCC. It should come to no surprise that as somebody who's favorite childhood cartoon without a doubt was X-Men the Animated Series, I've been following the news closely. Since the original announcement a lot of people have been voicing their opinions. I came across this video the other day: "10 things the X-Men Animated Series MUST have to succeed". #2 on the list? "No More Fainting". Part of me gets it. Even Honest Trailers made fun of it a few years ago. But aside from having an obvious bias, isn't this what made the X-Men Animated Series so great in the '90ies? Many fans loved the vulnerability of the X-Men. It's what made them stand out from so many other superhero shows. Aside from the art style which could change for the worse (because an emphasized superheroine body isn't supposed to make anybody with self esteem issues feel bad) many people are also afraid that the show
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Anybody who clips scenes, screenshots or something related knows how much work actually goes into the whole process: A) Finding the series/episode the scene belongs to B) finding the moment in the episode of the scene (time stamp) C) Getting the episode in decent quality/stream D) Clipping the scene E.1) Editing the clip E.2) Upscaling and Slowmo (optional) F) Exporting it G) Naming H) Tagging I) Posting Especially step A) and B) can sometimes be nerve wracking and incredible time consuming. It's also the least favorite part, for me. I now see many others on here that post scenes and when it's ones that I don't yet know I have to go and ask, they have to look it up and reply. It's unnecessarily time consuming. Back in the day we had the slumberville database. A collective database that everybody could search in, but more importantly post in. @sleepy-comics copied it last year and hosted a mirror for it here: (Thanks again
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NEW: Comic KO's

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Hi, I decided to upload some of my favorite KO's from Comics that inspired other scenes or my commissions to a new Comic KO's folder >> My plan is to link it to other scenes within my DeviantArt page, as you can see with the one below: Creating these pages (that contain all the panels) is rather time sensitive so I won't be taking any requests or posting other scenes. If you want to see more KO scenes in comics I highly recommend Anyway, if you wanna see more of this and like the idea let me know :)
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thank you ;) . I liked your Namor/Susan Storm pin-up, I was just thinking to realize a story with this "not so explored" unholy couple 😄

Thank you for the watch!

A bit of a generic compliment, but just to display your kindness didn't go unnoticed!

Thanks for the coloring of this piece you did for me :)

Sue Knocked Out by Namor (FF 27)

Thanks for the fav!

Thanks for the favourites, guy.

Thanks for the faves. Hope u are well :)