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Hey, thanks for visiting my gallery on DA. Many of you already know me from the (now deleted) Youtube channel or the forums.

Occasionally I commission art or entire comic pages which I add to my gallery for others to enjoy. None of the pieces in my gallery were drawn or coloured by me and all credit goes to the talented artists I work with.

I myself enjoy working with existing (sometimes older) material and upscaling, re-mastering that in various ways.

If you've enjoyed something in my gallery, I'm always interested in hearing about it. After all, there's not many places for us to discuss our interests.

Other Interests
superheroines, armcarries, did
It doesn't come to anybody's surprise that I look at old comic books often (just look at my comic book section here). Especially older ones as they have the best scenes. Over the years I've always made it my mission to grab scenes in the highest quality and I was always looking forward to new releases of older scenes. However, despite the sharper lines from the increased resolution, I notice something is significantly off with the colouring. It's more flat. I feel less emersed. There's something nostalgic about the old comic books. The scans, with the sometimes ugly colors. Makes the scene more "real", or give it more depth, more meaning. Not sure if anybody can relate or if my new appreciation for the older, dustier scenes just effect of seeing so much AI art? Or maybe nobody cares 😄 Tell me.. curious to hear your thoughts. Warlock Infinity Watch #4 Some scenes from from Fantastic Four Vol 1
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If you're not yet familiar with @dgrart2013 's YouTube Channel, I highly recommend checking it out immediately. Aside from his many other great videos he just created a great story that featured many of her other videos. AMAZING work! Here's the link:
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Recently somebody gave me an Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset as a gift and tbh I don't quite have a use for it. However, from what I've seen the VR is quite a realistic experience or at least as realistic as is current possible. I'm wondering if there's any "Sleepy"/ Heroine Peril or even Marvel DC content out there I should check out? I'm generally a latte adaptor so perhaps there's some people who have already discovered some of it. I could definitely see the perks for people with our interests :) The above is first person footage from a Metal Gear Solid Videogame somebody posted where the villain gets armcarried away. You can see the full video here: Would be interesting to experience that in VR
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Thank you for watching! :)

Thanks for the faves! :happybounce:

Thanks for the watch!

love your stuff

Thank you for the watch!