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FMA- Elric brothers

By bobkitty
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.... I am NOT obsessed. Nuh uh. Never. Evernever.


Fullmetal Alchemist, Edwar Elric and Alphonse Elric.


... NOT OBSESSED!!11!!11!!!!!110ne!

I like to colour metal. Yes. That I do. Very much. Yes.

Comment! Please! Yes. Thank you. Swoosh.
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this is beautiful!!!
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I'm obbsessed.
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Pwetty! Brotherly love is so beautiful~ :love:
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Just beautiful! :)
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Sweet mother all of that is markers?!!?!?! O_O Dang... Well, the metal effects look great xD It all looks great.
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If somone was going to give 1-10 in points then I will gvie you over 10
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OMFGGGGGGGG THE ANATOMY AND THE COLOURING ARE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. the tones and blues and yellows and purples of the metal make it so nostalgic. and the steampunk background...:iconiloveyouplz:
i would definitely love to see more fma fanart in your style!
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I have featured this in my journal! :) :hug:
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Wow... what a wonderful picture of the brothers. I LOVE your coloring style!!!
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:aww: You drew and colored Al's armor so terribly well! XD I'm jealous!

Remarkable talents, you have! XD :star:
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whoa! the feeling is there, and is very raw.. nice coloring too, and Alphonse looks so ironically human, and very sad altogether...

damn, that series is pure angst when it wants to.
and then its pure crack when it has to.

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what a gorgeous way to color the armor =) although edward's face and t-shirt is a bit ...weird... well, nevermind XP
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Very nice detail. Even though Al can't show emotion, you can feel it through this picture. Well done :D
Olivia-the-Dark's avatar
WOW!!! That is awesome!! I love these two! And Al loves his big brother so much...!!! :heart: This is awesome!
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That's the first word that came to my mind
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really amazing expecially for colours
kohaku-dono's avatar
I especially like the way you did the metal--I just can't look away from it. ^_^
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Gorgeous colors :):):):)!!!
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It is soooooooo awesome!!!
*isn't obsessed too *_* *

I love the way that they are ambaresed
and the expressions...

the metal colour is sooooooo great!
just loved it!!
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whee!! now I finally have a decent reference pic of Ed's arm and Al's face!! X3
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Elricin pojjaat ovat niin halittavia <3_<3

*nylkyti nylkyti* ;3 hehee
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aiva ihana *___* kauhean ihana. Liian ihanasti väritetty.
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