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Never doubt the power of bardic knowledge!
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Man, this has so many nice details - but I think my favorite is the way the wind is pressing the owl against her face (or maybe it's just going in for a snuggle). It's just so nicely unexpected but adds such tangibility to everything.
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Of all your work, I think this is my favourite.  The contrast of a pirate as being someone not just intelligent, but educated, is a nice feel, but also, she's just adorable.  Until she stabs me with her pen, because... pirate.  ;)
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Well, someone has to keep track of the booty, and where and when it was divided up and to whom.
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absolutely love this pic. shes beautiful 
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It ain't a real pirate writ of a story unless the author was drunk with rum while penning it down! Nice and original idea and painting.
Lovely work!  Only a *tiny* quibble--to my eye, something about her right wrist where it emerges from the bracelet (which looks awesome, btw) seems just a little bit "off," maybe just a wee bit *too* thin, or too sharply bent--not sure.  Otherwise, everything looks fantastic!
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Facebook brought me here :heart:
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:) Fantastic art. :D
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Awesome piece.
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Very nice work!!

Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)
Congrats on DD By Marphilhearts by LindArtz

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Amazing job on this! :D
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Oh, she's so beautiful ! :heart:
I love her pose and body, and her outfit is so well made ! :happybounce:
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Really cute! I love it!
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Love the colors!!!
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I love your style! Colorful and full of life :D .. and her face is pure beauty :)
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She is so pretty but what would be her purpose on a pirate ship?
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I remember seeing this on r/DnD. Excellent work! And congrats :)
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