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The Floating Panda

The Floating Panda

The Floating Panda drifts from sea to sea serving as an oasis for those in need of sanctuary. Hard to find, but hard to forget, The Floating Panda is known through the new world for its delicious brew and furry crew.

No cannons and no guns, the drifting vessel stands as a neutral ground for every scalawag who happens upon it.

Only loyal patrons will be gifted the special compass that leads them straight and true to that delicious panda brew.

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Love the lazy red pandas. 
cullyferg2010's avatar
Someone's been to the Far East. 
SchattenLotus's avatar
* Humms merry Sea of Thieves Theme in the back of my head * ^^
Aka-san's avatar
If one day, you publish a story about pirates, I will definitely buy it! Your drawings and the universe behind are always so great! *_*
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As we all know from Warcraftian Lore, pandas are the embodiment of brewery-ship.

Legend has it that the red pandas actually run the show; with their keen sense of smell, they guide the brewers to outcast coves filled with exotic ingredients.
They accompany them throughout the process of fermentation. They bless the batch a fulfilling aroma (through a secret secretion).
As for running the show itself, they have the lion's share of the spotlight.
WestlyLaFleur's avatar
So many fucking pandas, yesss ~
TheEmmjay's avatar
Pretty girls and cute animals. One of my favorite combinations.
Creek-a-boo's avatar
I love red pandas!!!!! 
BobKehl's avatar
Creek-a-boo's avatar
^^ they're sooo cute!
stuffedbellylover's avatar
Quite a sweet one!

All the best,

BobKehl's avatar
Thank you Chris!
stuffedbellylover's avatar
You deserve it!

Best wishes,

hamedhoney's avatar
the lighting the coloring the everything in this piece is perfect!!
BobKehl's avatar
thank you so much! I am glad you think so :)
writerinafoxhole's avatar
I love the pose, her smile and those cuties panda!! :heart:
BobKehl's avatar
:) thank ya matey!
weaponx1486's avatar
love the expressions in this scene your work is a beautiful portfolio of art adding to my watch list
BobKehl's avatar
I am honored, thank you so much :)
missartsie's avatar
ahhhh so cute<3
LostSoul-88's avatar
I can just feel the sense of adventure and wonder emanating from your art every time, its great, and I love the red pandas. Just look at all those little buggers. I'd shanty down with the whole lot of em'.
BobKehl's avatar
yeesssssssss,  I really want that feeling to come across. the fact you mentioned it made my day :)
bluewingfairy's avatar
You're very welcome❤️😊, how are you?.

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