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Shark castle Rock

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I really enjoy painted styles as of late, so here I was trying to push my own painted style. Some what fantasy based castle island fort. Very much enjoyed it and I plan to do more in this type of way ( and hopefully start perfecting it).
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...grand -- this is a beautiful image that effortlessly stretches the imagination, well done.
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MagicaITrevorHobbyist Writer
That castle must be HUGE considering how small those ships are...
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I absolutely love your work! This piece is incredibly powerful and I couldn't help but write a story about it: A Fierce Sacrifice. I do have a couple of small complaints, however. There is too much blank space under the bridge. Every time I look at this I have to fight it from drawing my eyes to it because once it does, my brain wants to see that blank space as the eye instead of the one you have nestled out on the cliff (which I love by the way, very well done and you captured the ferocity well while still keeping with the look of a cliff face). And once that happens, instead of a hungry and wild shark, I see a lost wolf with a blank, vacant stare and the shark's fin becomes the wolf's ear.

As for my second point, while gigantic birds would be awesome, I don't feel that's what you were going for, and with the way you set up the proportions of the painting, they kind of break the scale. Put a human on one of those boats, and even a tiny dot on the page would be too big to represent a regular sized person. And with what looks like trees at the end of the bridge on top of the shark's head, with how small they are, that would make your birds massive (and the doorway and windows of your castle, but a castle is supposed to have grand architecture, so I feel you did an amazing job at making it feel massive and intimidating).

Other than those two small points, I loved the painting as a whole. The colors were wonderful and the brush strokes you used to create the waves were masterfully done. I love the texture of the cliff face as it just adds to the fierceness of the shark, which is already a pretty fierce creature by itself. I'm glad I found this. You will be definitely added to my watch list! :D
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GreerillustrationStudent Digital Artist
Wow really nice style, i just made a new thing and thought it might be worth a look, im only just started out but im practicing all the time, i dream of being a conept artist and maybe with your help or even just a watch you can watch the dream unfold :) (Smile)
Drop a watch or lend some help if your interested brah :) (Smile)
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Very Clever
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FilKearneyProfessional Digital Artist
This is /very/  cool.  Want to add it as a location adventure in my DnD game, TBH.  :)
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thanks man, really appreciate it :)
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NaesthielHobbyist General Artist
This is amazing!
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thank you so much :)
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The Sharpedo cliff! :D
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felipewii1Hobbyist General Artist
It's very cool but... I think you had put the teeth well-organised(I don't know if you understand me :S), are at the same distance and it give to the rock an unreal form.
Sorry I can't express it well in english 
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No worries at all, I completely understand what you mean :) Thank you for your input!
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MurtazaRizvi86Professional Digital Artist
love the concept and view
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MurtazaRizvi86Professional Digital Artist
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ChloeLeGardHobbyist Digital Artist
falling off that path to the door would really suck, but jeez.. this is gorgeous
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Thanks! Agreed, falling off that cliff would definitely ruin your day
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I think a better name would be Shark Rock Castle, as in a castle on Shark Rock.
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RipperMadness General Artist
This is seriously beautiful. Dig it. Great work.
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Thank you!
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JusbeneHobbyist General Artist
The concept in this is just breathtaking... I don't have much to say, because I'm speechless... :+favlove:
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That's really flattering and I'm glad you're enjoying it! Don't forget to breath though :)
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PlaidAndChainsHobbyist General Artist
I really suck at environments. So i love to see artist's work like this and aspire to one day be able to do this. It's beautiful :D
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