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Rum Runners of the Ocean Blue!


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Rum Runners of the Ocean Blue  ☠🍻☠🍻☠

It's a dangerous thing, when the seaside taverns are low on rum.  Sober pirates can be unpredictable, creatures capable of all sorts of villainy.  It's better to keep them well plied with some old fashioned spice.  Every Tavern keeper knows it's a good day when you have a Rum Runner in your bay.

“Have a drink me lad, you're not you when you're thirsty.” - Anonymous Tavern Keeper

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Totally brilliant! :)

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Is that a little pet piggies on the ship? also ship design is just kick ass xD

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i love it, nice job

Very cool picture! Great composition and there's a lot of character in your Pirate Girl!

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Very nice Bob!

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I really love the artwork. The colour scheme is brilliant and the details that you drew in the sails, make them come alive. However, i feel that the way you drew the ship is a bit off. The positioning of the masts in comparison to the ships bowsprit make it look like the ship is shaped like a crescent. The bowsprit should form a straight line with the masts. So either the masts would have to be moved more to the left of the drawing, or the bowsprit should be pointing towards the viewer.

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Elizabeth: So that's that story of the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow? [through her teeth] You spent three days here...lying on a beach...drinking rum?

Jack Sparrow:[pauses, then offers her rum] Welcome to the Caribbean, love.

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...excellent work as always. the snippet and background information definitely adds to the allure.

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Thanks man! 😁

HammerinInkminer's avatar're welcome Bob.

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The painting seems quite fantastic

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Thank you 😁

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Gorgeous Work

Too High Salute!

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a wonderful artwork.

a nice free calm feeling

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Amazing work. Love the crashing waves. And of course the captain. But I gotta say, her crew look like total pigs.

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