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Jacuotte the monkey queen II


Pirates ahoy, this is actually a repaint of an older illustration and wanted to do it again.

Video process of the illustration.

Jacquotte  "reine des singes”

Aboard the monkey galleon resides the elite black powder apes.  Trained in cannon combat along with being experts in black powder explosives, it would be hard to find a more fursome crew on the seven seas.  In the dangerous world of pirates where loyalty is hard to come by, these black powder monkeys stay loyal to Jacquotte for just a few bottles of that old fashion spice.   

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The wooden mask reminds me of the one used by Jim Carrey in his movie😄
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What a beauty she is! And a great businesslady as she doesn´t have to split treasures with her loyal monkeys as monkeys do not have interest in gold!

Best wishes,


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Dude, pirates are a guilty pleasure for me 🤩🤩🤩
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Cool looking art, dude!

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Very cool looking character
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Gorgeous, compadre!

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The masks on her crew are still a brilliant addition. Fun and very Piratey! Cool too to see Jacquotte again! 
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thanks!  ya I like to have cute animals doing stuff, I think it helps make it feel more adventurey
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And absolutely! 
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Fabulous!      :-)
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Thanks man! 🍻☠😁
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Nice! I love this series! 
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Thanks!glad young like me pirates! 😁
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wooow! so amazing!
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Thank you so much! 😁🍻☠
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...interesting background and a lovely portrayal to match.
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Thank you! 😀☠🍻🍻
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Always awesome art!Clap Clap Clap 
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Thank ya matey! 😎😁🍻🍻
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