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Jacquotte the monkey queen


Jacquotte  "reine des singes”

Aboard the monkey galleon resides the elite black powder apes.  Trained in cannon combat along with being experts in black powder explosives, it would be hard to find a more fursome crew on the seven seas.  In the dangerous world of pirates where loyalty is hard to come by, these black powder monkeys stay loyal to Jacquotte for just a few bottles of that old fashion spice.   

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Kinda how I imagine a druid would look like in a pirate setting! Animated Love Monkey 
soulskater's avatar

you have some amazing pirate images for sure!!

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Powder monkeys busy stacking the balls on the brass monkey...very nice! ;) (Wink) Giggle 
"black powder monkeys" !?!?! ok thats it im outta here!
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Soooo cool, a real pirate story:)
TimMcJimFromPL's avatar
Your very welcome.
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A crew of pirate monkeys. That is awesome! Jaquotte looks awesome too!

I can imagine enemy ship crews seeing a lone captain and this crew, not thinking much of it, then the few survivors are in shock watching their fleet up in flames and being claimed by the seas to the sound of rambunctious celebrating monkeys XD
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haha yesss.  could you imagine getting boarded by pirate monkeys?  you would never get them out of the rigging.
firelorddarkskull's avatar
Would be very troublesome for the ship attacked, but an entertaining pirate raid to watch.

“Captain, this rock hard banana bread has breached the hull and destroyed the masts. They’ve made off with our loot and banana barrels as well” ^^
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Good work as usual Bob! Although, I'd like to see you take more risks, and perhaps push the concept of your characters more. She looks a bit generic, I feel you have lots of opportunities to make her more unique and in line with the monkey theme (monkey tattoos/embroidery, face paint, perhaps a more wild/silly expression on her face).

I miss talking in hangouts with the gang. Commissions going well?  
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So cool, badass pirate women are the best! Great work! :)
HammerinInkminer's avatar
...some of the best pirate images I've ever seen, come from your work -- good job as always.
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thank you so much!I am a dummy!   
HammerinInkminer's avatar're welcome.
newboldworld's avatar
Superb, as always!     :-)
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Good work, hope she doesn't encounter Guybrush Threepwood
BobKehl's avatar
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you're welcome
BlackVulmea's avatar
A powder monkey pun - well-played, indeed.

"On the up-roll . . . go bananas!"
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