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Black Rat Bellamy

Ahoy mateys! It be talk like a pirate day.  So here be a pirate lass for ye landlubbers!  

Black Rat Bellamy - Master angler, sushi enthusiast and crew member of the Black Rat Pirates.

Also, looking for good rum recommendations.  Normally I enjoy spiced, but if ya got something tasty let me know.

Prints if interested 
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I do love a pirate lady, and your style is intriguing. I especially enjoy the use of the tattoos throughout your work. I recommend to you Goslings old family reserve Rum. It's a dark rum with a leather and molasses profile balanced with nice spicy notes. I only drink it neat. It can be a bit pricey and difficult to find, but what treasure isn't.

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Judging her family name I suppose piracy is a family business, huh?

Best wishes,


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Ahoy, I sees she brings lunch to her maties. :)

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Tricky lightning setup, but you nailed the values 👏
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The environment really works, you captured that sunlight feeling.

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Nice, that'll be a big fish with that hook :)

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:) a very cool, fun and sexy looking pirate lass! :ahoy:

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Yarrgg thank ya matey! ☠🍻
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;) you're absolutely welcome!

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She's an absolute stunner, great job balancing attractive femininity with the hard as nails looks

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Thank you so much! Glad that comes across
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my pleasure, and again: great job

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Thank you so much!
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What is she going to do with that giant hook?! o_0

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Catch some giant fish

Well, she's got me.... hook, line , and sinker.

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...she is clearly one of the finest hookers around.

:clap: Hats off to you good sir!

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I could recommend Kraken Rum. Goes well in Grog.

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