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3-11-2012-bob Jesus whispered, I am cruel above all, I'll ruin ya, saith Jesus, hollie bit, white in mouth, but another came out, showed, bob be still, theres Gods hammo, he appeared but, raise your hands and repeat after me, its moodie fuckin janette again, bob he said, angry, janette not caring, janette plad coat on, but he wore gray sweatshirt, hollie showed, its, alice cooper, hey stupid, record, its, hey stupid hammo, appearing, like, animal angelic being, but changing, got happy, got excited, its still selling, its one of the biggest, its, now hollie thought, got word from God, hollies burgundy sweatshirt went gray, over forty million copies now, hollie showed, its new ministryofdreams, its devianart hammo like pope, its showed, hollie, but not seen but reappeared, showed, eat, but angelic pope showed, changed into, theres Gods hammo, hollie said, got happy, like standing up but cocked over laying down like but not quite, white cape, hollie thought, sh, its all same color, Jesus high above in air, thats world below, man world said, thats, fires breaking out, explosion sound and its, raise your hands and repeat after me sang pope riding black horse, on world, thats him rising from sea on horse, thats the sireen coming around like golden megaphone, hollie showed, not listening, but he was he hollie, like, brown color but hollie wonders, brand new but changing, need your vision, she said, screamed again, but not heard, hollie showed, turn, its into speedway she said, got drink, but changed into new beak like birdy hollie, drank, golden like beak, come on, hollie said, but another, hollie rose up, thats hollie on, its motorcycle, lets motor, looked like gang member, come on, its, outlaws Jesus, a, not wanting to appear all the way, hollie said, raise your mantle and repeat after me screamed hollie, screamed again, but not heard, he said, hollie said, she jumped, but, disappeared, jumpy hollie leaps, white dress on, monkey like mask but she reappeared, seemed to be happy, looking to side, theres border around dress with, its bears in, hollie showed, its, pure one, oil filter, its, bobby they hold oil, thats to top of engine, but thats piston, its cylinders, hollie thought, theres just coating there, but, bobby they have it quickly, hollie said, put it under, hollie got word from God, it, takes, almost, five revolutions with pure one, ten with other but coating saves it, bobby hollie said, showed, its thirty eighth street, hollie showed, turn, bob take the interstate, he hollie showed, turn, but another, hollie was stunned, his hand not seen but it appeared like frost white hand, hollie showed, turn, its, him, he hollie, a new she one said, she has like acne, thats sign by kroger, Gods new hammo coming out like angelic head but, somewhat cone shaped like uh, horn, bobby hollie said, thats your van parked by school, bob hollie showed, get ready, she, thats her and lynn together, lynn laughs, it turns into moodie but its sex, hollie said, put it under, bobby dont sleep, hollie said,