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Lady Lola Liberty.

By BobGuthrie
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A long, insuferable, but fun project for WBCP that finally went nowhere.

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All four of these look great :D

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I been asked to post the largest one as a standalone, I will dig out the original out again now that I have found it.

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Wonderful work of art. Lola is precious.
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 Bob I really like this piece a lot even my 11 year old son that that really liked this one can copy almost any type of ink or pencil artwork and has made a hand pencil drawing of this that looks 100% cloned. I'm going top frame this one he did after he inks it. Thank you for sharing your work :)
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There's a Ghostbusters joke in here somewhere...
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How can something be fun and insufferable at the same time?
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Lovey and beatiful work
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And all that work too. So much detail. What a shame!
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But at least it went to DA for all to see. :) Beautiful work! Really love the detail put into it. For some reason I really dig the blue underlines with ink over them. 
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That's awesome work man. I'm sure you've heard how controversial the new "Lola Bunny" is in the show. It's like the character took on some bipolar illness. Really wish you were in charge of their art staff. But alas. AT least we get to have your work here. Keep the good toon comming :)
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Oh...that is not so much lovely work and all for naught
I want to thank you for sharing such an awesome piece that we would likely never ever see. Thanks very much.
Be well
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SO awesome! Love the pencils and inking parts she's so lovely^_^<3
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Awesome. Di you see the image I sent you of Melissa?
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Yeah!. She first appeared on "The Scarlet Pumpernickel" with Daffy, Sylvester and Porky Pig.

Did a few projects with her, including drawing her for a commercial style-guide tentatively called "Girls of WB". It was created for vendors to showcased all major female characters that appeared on all WB media.

No clue what happened with this last one.
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Do you have any pictures though?
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Oh, yes. But I have to dig her out of my boxed art. 
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That difficult eh?
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About three dozen boxes, eeeh, a tad. =) I keep opening boxes, throwing away dups, old photocopies, and salvaging any originals or single photocopies (no original).

Then when my work schedule opens up, I scan the works and put it online. I'm doing some medieval toys, but I found some old Lolas I will try to cleanup and post. It's a long boring process.
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Great job! :) It's a shame that Warner Bros. didn't do anything with this! :(
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