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Fast horse goes fast

An RD for your eye holes. I tried some new stuff with this and I think it turned out pretty alright, this one's certainly got some flavor to it. Glad this is finally out of the way, now I get to work on other art! yay! Don't really have much to say about this one other than that to be honest. I think I'll be able to take some of the things I learned here and apply em pretty well in the future and ain't that what it's all about in the end? Oh! and also, I kinda may have hid a certain couple of fillies back there somewhere if you can find them haha

Anyways, have a rainbow darsh.

Has my art emotionally touched you in some way? no? Well drop me a follow here on DA or other places anyways!
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ShaleZookeeper7's avatar
Beautiful!!!Love Love Love Love Love 
CumuloSpark27's avatar
nice P.O.S.

(point Sf Scootaloo) Bob

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*Hops into SR-71*
Me: Ok, I'll show ya what this things got EVIL Laughter! 
nathanl9's avatar
I couldn't come to BABSCON this year ;-;
Bobdude0's avatar
There's still EFNW and Bronycon!
ReignBeaux-XIII's avatar
Hi will this be a print at Babscon this year? :D
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Yep! I've actually got em sitting on the chair next to me as I type this haha
ReignBeaux-XIII's avatar
Would you be able to get one printed on metallic paper?
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Too late for that I'm afraid! They're on a nice satin though and I think they look pretty stellar
ReignBeaux-XIII's avatar
What's the sizes available?
Bobdude0's avatar
9x19 is the only one. Similar area as a 17x11
ReignBeaux-XIII's avatar
Oh ok and the price for this print?
Bobdude0's avatar
Oughta be $15 USD. I do a buy 2 get one free thing too though!
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I bought a print of this and a few others from you at Midwest Brony Fest in 05-2016!  It was the very first thing I did at my very first pony convention!  ^_^  I spotted this during a random DA pony art browsing session and felt the need to drop you a line to say I still love your art, and I hope all is well!
Thank you for being awesome!
Bobdude0's avatar
Aww well thank you! Glad my little paintings could mean something to ya :D
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Love it! :D Great and dynamic pose, amazing composition and great colors :clap: Good job man :D
Bobdude0's avatar
Well thank you! :)
Paulicus1's avatar
Pretty neat! I like the motion and action you put into it.
CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
Wow, your style has developed a lot! I miss your really cute style now. T_T
Bobdude0's avatar
I still do a whole lot of cute over at ! It mostly comes out in my sketches and less in my quasi-realism paint stuff
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