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Apple Magic

She can grow them like roots...

An old old collaboration with my bud :iconheir-of-rick: that we more recently revived. We've been sitting on it for a whole year so uh, it's a little bit dusty. Learned quite a few things from trying to polish this one, mainly that when I ditched linework that I was right to do so haha, my style just doesn't work with that anymore it seems. Doing the whole negative space thing was also a real challenge for me, its hard to color when you don't have that environment context. Left things feeling... I don't know, bland? I forget what I was trying to do after a year of holding on to the thing I think.

Anyways, have some Apple Sisters defying logic

Check my other horses here on DA or other places too

You can find ole Heir over at his DA which I linked above, or
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:iconcabooseplz: Wait, that's illegal
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this is cuteee
Numbuh-27's avatar
I've heard of apples of the earth, but this is ridiculous.
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An Apple harvests APPLES, and don't let no know-it-all horticultural "science" tell you otherwise!
Paulicus1's avatar
Clever and amusing. :)
Bobdude0's avatar
Well thank ya! :)
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I'm still so getting used to AB having her cutie mark. lol. so good.
Bobdude0's avatar
Bah, me too. Whenever I doodle a sweetie I always remember the cutie mark last

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Truly the feat of an apple farming master. Don't worry, Bloom, you'll get there some day. :)
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Great to see you finally finished it after so long X3 It looks nice even with the linework.
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Thanks dude, I'm glad to have it out haha
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Woah, I love this! The idea, the ponies, and the background!
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Thanks so much! :D
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Applejack: This here, Applebloom, is what you call one of them fancy "pomme de terres".
Applebloom: A what now?

Great job on this. I like the colours here and the how the background only sits in between them.
Bobdude0's avatar
Until today, I'd have been Apple Bloom in that dialogue haha

Thanks! :)
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I really like how this looks and know what you mean about the linework. As for the painting, it looks great as well.
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Well thank ya! :D
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Well, in the "fancy" language, french, potatoes are called "Pommes de terre" or "earth apple".

That one kind of apple that would be interesting to harvest don't you think?

Wonderful work on this piece. BTW, I know that potatoes grow in a bunch.
Bobdude0's avatar
Silly fancy language, making potatoes sound like not potatoes.

cajobif's avatar
You're welcome.

We call them "patates" (p-ah-t-ah-t-uh) too in french, btw.
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So you say this is a year old. Does that mean Applebloom's cutiemark was added in, or did you just foretell the future x)
Bobdude0's avatar
hehe, I added it later. When we started it, the CMC getting cutie marks wasn't even on anyone's radar haha
Bow2YourWaifu's avatar
Well nice job none the less bro. The both of you!
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