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A Pond in the Woods



"I wonder why the hay that water is so sparkly. That's innatural."

Welp. A month of my life later and ta-da! One Fluttershy. Definitely the biggest project I've taken on, and I'm actually really proud of it. If I'll allow myself to say, I think I nailed the colors on the whole thing and the volumes on Shy, but there's still always room for improvement. The environment itself could really use some work for sure. Friggen textures man, they just don't want to work with me. Ah well, I'll get em eventually. I really need to dump a study into just trees and trees alone as well, those suckers are way harder than they look. In the end though, I learned soooo much from this thing. Still got a ton to learn and a ton of work to put in if I want to get that image in my head down into the image on the screen :P

Anyways, have some Fluttershy with an octopus tail.

*Featured as the header for drawfriend 1159!*
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