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Elementary-borderless 0.2

By BobDmV
updated 09.01.2011(v0.2.5)
- added nautilus nav buttons trick.
You can download it here.

updated 08.01.2011(v0.2)
- theme name changed. Now you can install it without replacing original elementary
- breadcrumb style changed. Now it looks like on the screenshot
- fixed bug with tab border [link]
- removed arrow from Main Menu applet
- icon theme changed to Faenza-Cupertino by default
- archive includes some panel backgrounds.

Credits goes to:
© 2011 - 2021 BobDmV
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If it's OK to you, Can I ask you this, How did you removed those borders in the title bar? or could you tell me where are the areas in metacity in order to achive this? :D Thanks Man in advanced.
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:-) very nice theme !!
beautiful 5*
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Hello! There is a big button of view mode changing, list, table etc. So. the text on it is gray, and it makes the whole theme to look awful. How could it be changed?
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How did you achieved to display the folders in this way? Thanx
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If you talking about text beside icons, then in gconf-editor turn the following key to TRUE
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I installed the v0.2.5 version of your theme ant applied the Window Border Part of it, and works great.
The only i would like to ask is how to enable the scrollbar theme seen on the picture?
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Apply elementary-borderless style
there is missing arrows graphics in the archive
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LOVE IT! Thanks!
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I like this but as a beginner i do not know how to use it!
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After extracting zip archive just drag and drop elementary-borderless.tar.gz onto the ‘Themes’ tab of ‘Appearance Preferences’
Why is the font for the gnome panel menus and applets appear bold and kind of smooth?

How can I revert that?
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found a post on the theme on webupd8, very awesome i'm using it now
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Very good theme!
I would like to know how did you make those scrollbars? They also look awesome!
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It's not my theme. ~DanRabbit author of elementary theme, I'm only slightly modified it.
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Where can I find the wallpaper you are using? I LOVE it.
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very very nice :)
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Hi, excelent theme, but I like to know how you hide the menus? very good.
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Hi, you can use gnome2-globalmenu applet then the menu will be on your panel.
Sleek! Are the borders invisible or gone? I mean: can I resize the window in the border area?
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