Congrats to BRAVE and PAPERMAN
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Congrats to Pixar and the "Brave" crew for Best Animated Feature!

And Congrats to Disney for "Paperman"!

I just DVR'd the Oscars, and fast forwarded to the animation parts.  Is the rest worth watching?
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Paperman was not a big surprise to me, that short is simply wonderful. I liked Brave but I was a bit disappointed with the story, I guess I was expecting something more... epic (I do dig the Scottish accent though).
Anyway, congratulations to both crews.
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malberri|Hobbyist Digital Artist
To be honest, I didn't like Brave, I didn't like the story of it, I was expecting something different . I do admit that the animation was really great.
I think Paranorman 's story was more interesting and entertaining, though it wasn't original.
Haven't seen Ralph yet.
Frankenweenie wasn't bad, it wasn't good either.

Paperman was really nice.
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britterooski15|Professional Filmographer
I heard that the producer threw paper airplanes from her seat with red lipstick on it like in the short. THAT IS FABULOUS AND AMAZING!!! And they kicked her out for ten minutes SHAME ON U GUYS SHAAAAAAAAAAME!!!
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MerwillaCosplay|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I heard the situation with Rythm and Hues studios was quiet awkward....
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Yay for Paperman! Nothing against Brave...I just wanted Wreck-It-Ralph to win ^^;
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Congrats to both crews!
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So happy for both!

And no. OH DEAR GOD; no. Spare yourself an overload of racism, sexism, anti-semitism, etc. It was pretty awful.
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Hey! Congrats to the Brave crew! Good work everyone :)
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I thought Wreck it Ralph was better then Brave, but I loved Paperman.
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RoCueto|Professional Digital Artist
Congratulations to Paperman, but I do believe both Paranorman and Wreck it Ralph were better movies than Brave.
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I agree completely. ^_^
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JessiRenee|Professional General Artist
Congrats to them!
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