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Published: June 10, 2010
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OMG!!! It's gonna be an 80's weekend with the release of the A-team and the Karate Kid and to keep with the theme here comes another flashback to 80's when I was a kid. I'm at our local arcade that just opened, the Red Planet arcade. It was situated inbetween the grocery store and hardware store. You can go to the mall, but it was miles away and you had to ask your mom to drive you there. So more often we would hang out at the Red Planet, it was just a bike ride away from home.

This is a drawing of my buddy, Robbie and I. Robbie had the idea to take a washer and tie a string on it and stick it in the token slots to get credits on the machines. I told him it would never work and he was full of it. From what I remember, he said that he got a couple of credits. I never saw this, so don't go out attempting this. It's funny to remember those times, of just hanging out watching other people play video games, while you're waiting for your turn to play. Waiting to get the chance to get the high score... Although... I DID get the high score on Dig Dug and Crazy Climber a few times. Wassup!!! That's right "BOB" got the high score suckas!!! Man, I could have been on "Starcade". [link] I would have totally schooled those guys.

Oh, and here is the greatest video game of all times! I was crazy addicted to this game: [link] What's yours?
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Atariboy2600Hobbyist Digital Artist
I too done that alot.
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JonathanBluestoneProfessional General Artist
The Eighties was the era which I identify with the most and this image really brings it back to life. My video game was Mr. EE / Mr. Wiz on the BBC Microcomputer.
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Nuclear-ShrimpHobbyist Digital Artist
I love this! I'm not from the 80's, but boy do I wish I was! I love arcades and arcade games! My mom and dad loved Space Harrier and I grew up playing it on the Sega Master system xD THAT GAME IS SO HARD!!!! But it is cool! :D
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Sounds like your mom and dad are cool!  Thanks Nuclear-Shrimp!
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True arcades how I miss these (90s kid but still) I was big on Gauntlet Legends and Metal Slug
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ILikeShirtsStudent Artist
Lol love this picture! Especially chunk in the background :) GOONIES!!
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This is awesome !
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awe man! Wassup Crazy Climber!!
I kicked its butt!!!!! Love this piece, it is totally me!
I lived in PinballPetes here in lansing!
Star Castle, Defender, Gorgar, Centar, Space wars,Asteroids, battle Zone, Donkey Kong,Missle Command! Good god I could go on all day!!! Im such a geek!
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PinballPetes is a great name for a arcade.

We had the Gold Mine, Red Planet and Tilt in San Diego. Oh and there's also Chuck E. Cheese.
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Cool Chuck! yea but not too many good games in the one by us here in Lansing.
Petes had 5 locations back then and the mall had Aladdins Castle.
Then when I was like 5 or 6 my dad help these developers open a a place called the Olde World Village Mall. They had a mini theater that "babysat " us sprats with cartoons and an arcade called Fat Daddy's Pinball Arcade!

Ah memories!
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Aw, this is so nostalgic, evenifIwasn'taliveduringthe80s,fff. I love the colors too.
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Thanks! it's okay that youweren'taliveduringthe80s... now I feel really old. But that's alright, with age comes experience.
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You're welcome!
Aha, still, it woulda been a cool era to grow up in, I think. I suppose they all have their merits though.
So true!
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Michael-ChangProfessional Filmographer
These are awesome Bobby. You mos definitely have to collect these in a book.
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Thanks Mike! Maybe if there was a greater demand for them I would. But for now, it's alot of fun just to draw them...

But you never know... maybe...
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thehushHobbyist Traditional Artist
The colors and line work really are great in this. Their expressions really capture the moment. :)

I remember going down to the arcade when I was a kid and being one of the only girls who'd be there for hours playing Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat with the guys. *lol* Ah, those were the days. They need to bring arcades back.
BobbyRubio's avatar
Yeah, it was always nice to see girls at the arcade.

I'm glad you liked the drawing!
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KARATE KID WAS AWESOOOOOME...but the ironic thing is that he does kung fu.
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I didn't see the movie, but I want to. Instead I saw Iron Man 2 in IMAX. It looked cool.

But yeah, I was dissappointed that they didn't call it Kung fu Kid instead.
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Not that much into Iron Man... But besides the name the movie was awesome.
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Wilco5Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Really dig that old school banzai hat. I was never great at any of the coin-op games and suck at my own console games but my all time faves are "Gyruss"(table top FTW!), "T-Mek" and "G-Loc". Lots of wasted quarters and tokens on those coin-ops.
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Gyruss is awesome! Sweet!
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cachupaStudent General Artist
the funniest guy is the kid with the Kobra Kai jacket on!
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