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Nick Fury's boy band

Nick Fury's boy band (with Black Widow)!
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I love this, great job. The depiction of all of them is amazing, and hulk looking in sad is great. Best!
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Fro some reason i thought they were doing the running man challenge
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Love the hulk in the backfround
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Came here from RDJ's Facebook feed. You've got some really nice work!
It seems eldris has already told you, but I also wanted to let you know that your art has been posted on RDJ's Facebook page. I don't have the proper words to tell you how I feel (angry, though you may not be, upset, though you may not be, and still appreciative of your work, which may seem hollow now, though maybe not?), but I love your art, and I hope you continue drawing such beautiful images. Thank you.
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In case you didn't realise, Robert Downy Jr's FB page featured this :)…
supergirl9987's avatar just wow
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You like leaving hulk out of the fun?
Contraltissimo's avatar
Hahahaha!!  XD  Oh goodness, this is the best kind of giggles right here. XD Thank you for this. :D :clap:
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I love Hulk in the background...
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"you put my love on top!" I am a dummy! Heart 
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Oh God, seems like I found my new wallpaper =D
Lion-O-VS-He-Man's avatar
Hahaha, that's awesome
TalentOfTheWolf's avatar
Hulk got left out? Why? Oh Noes! 
marsholee1000's avatar
lol love it hangeing out with bff
RememberME2199's avatar
SanityTV's avatar
y u no let hulk join?
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Lol, well said!
violetofviolence's avatar
awww poor Hulk can't be in the band lol
AmuletSpade1's avatar
LOVE IN TOP. Avengers. XD
pinctraeth's avatar
What abput Bruce?
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