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IMPORTANT!! This theme only works on Firefox 3.01 and higher!!



The story behind this skin is pretty simple. I don´t like the new Firefox 3.0 default skin. I´ve tried some other people´s skins but I always find they still using the same scheme and button configuration from the default one, so well, I decided to make my own skin in my ( not too much lately) free time.

This is a beta, so surely more changes will be made on the theme. It is fully functional atm and no bugs have been found, however I will continue working on it in the future, so expect updates and probably more color variants and so.


  • More than 50 customized icons
  • Custom navigation and bookmark background menus
  • Small size for the icons displayed in the navigation menu
  • Many other changes and improvements


:bulletred: 1st: Get Firefox

:bulletred: 2st: Download this file by pressing the Download button located in the left margin of this page.

:bulletred: 3rd: Rename the file you just downloaded from this page from .zip to .jar

:bulletred: 4th: Go to Tools>Add ons and click over the "theme" tab. Then drag your renamed zeline2 file to that window. Wait for installation to end.

:bulletred: 5th: Restart Firefox. You´re done.


This theme is based on two different open source skins. Aero Silver Fox by Brett Bodine and the iPox remix made by Thomas McMahon.

I also used a great icon set provided by ~Sekkyumu.

|Terms of use:

This skin is open source, that means that everyone is free to modify and release their own skin based on this one. Don´t need to credit me, but it would be nice. Thanks for reading and enjoy the skin.

©2008 Roberto Abril Hidalgo |
© 2008 - 2023 Bobbyperux
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