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Simple, clean and very usable Visual Style for Windows XP.


:bulletblue: m Visual Style for Windows XP, normal & compact start menu. You need to patch your XP installation with UXThemePatcher before applying any third party themes. You can download the necessary files from here.

:bulletblue: m Wallpaper. Nature inspired wallpaper to go with the theme. It cames in 2560x1600px, 1920x1200px, 1680x1050px, 1440x900px, 1280x800px & iPhone (320x480px) resolutions.


m Visual Style is based on GSM by ~akka .


I strongly recommend to turn on Styler "Clear Type" feature for smoother text display using the smaller font size and to check "bold" in the font option menu. Window drop shadows goes very well with the theme too.

You can download Styler for free from here.

|Terms of Use:

This Visual Style is Open Source. You can edit and release it under the same copyright restrictions as this theme has. Some credit would be nice too.

© 2010 Roberto Abril Hidalgo | |
© 2010 - 2021 Bobbyperux
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hi can i get the link for the wallpaper please?
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This is great! Thanks
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thx for your theme
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Is the Cool Wallpaper available separately?
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please port it into win7. :)
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很喜欢O(∩_∩)O哈!but do u know what I said..? o(>﹏<)o
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Please, please... Port it into win 7 ;)
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Gorgeous! I'm using it now and I'm in love. It makes me not care that I don't have Win7. :)
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Simplicity with Sleekness~ :)
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really thanks! :) shame that all guys went on windows 7... luckily, I have still XP so I can ENJOY this visual style! hehe thank you for sharing it :hug:
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amazing work, i'd use it but i'm a windows 7 user :/
anyway, featured on [link] ! :heart:

very nice ^_^
i like it
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you should get some feedback from, this is pretty neat so far
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very calming colors
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Really nice style! My only suggestion would be to make the Start Menu entirely white. The black portion is a little jarring compared to the smooth whiteness of the rest of the style. All-in-all, a lovely style! Thanks!
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dark version please
holly fuck... why now WHY......................... u bring this wonderfull theme now i just move to windows 7 GOD DAMM nice work man..
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love it :P

thanks for this port :peace:
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Very nice, wish I had XP just for the great themes.
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