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By Bobbyperux

My entry for the Winamp Freestyle Skinning Contest. A classic winamp skin to fit with a Vs I´ve been working on. Hope you like it.


:bulletred:1st: Get Winamp and install the software in your computer.

:bulletred:2nd: Download the skin by pressing the download button located in the left margin of this page.

:bulletred:3rd: Unzip the file and copy the .wsz file you will find inside to your Winamp skin directory ( c:/..../Winamp/skins).

:bulletred:4th:Open Winamp, right click on the main window, go to skin sub-menu, apply the skin and you´re done.

|Terms of use:

This skin is not open source, so no modifications are allowed. This skin can not be used in any way for commercial purposes. Thanks for reading and enjoy the skin.

©2008 Roberto Abril Hidalgo |

EDIT: 09/15/08 ----->Now up to celsoteque22: Changed main color scheme. Fixed overlapping pixels on main screen numbers. Many other minor retouches.
© 2008 - 2021 Bobbyperux
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Vanstyler72's avatar
I like this one, goes in tune with my PC
You are an Artist With an Amazing sense :)
I made this email only to ask you share or send me the really nice wallpaper pls.
i will be happy if you do this
good night an artist :)
really artist be helpful to his fans :)
i want wallpaper pls man :)
attiffe's avatar
Amazing skin ... can u link me to wallpaper plz ?
86005537's avatar
i like the wallpaper any chance u have a copy?
djdeez's avatar
Wow, superb skin, very compact, nice. Shame I wont use it, because a few weeks back I switch music player to Foobar, but anyway... your work is great! :+fav:

As for the background - super - sweet :+favlove:. I hope you will release a wallpaper, or at least the this one here for.. oww I don't know, maybe iPhone wall? ;D
I'm sure, that release like that will make happy a lot of people :)

-. sorry, for my bad ENG. Hope you manage to understand ;D
03031985's avatar
can i ask you what happen to the matching xp theme?:D
mist0r's avatar
Absolutely fantastic, my new winamp skin for sure... :D Looks great with a minimalistic Litestep theme.

Quick question- what font is that you used for the name of the skin in the preview?
Bobbyperux's avatar
I think is AvantGarde bold
sgraves's avatar
What is this button that is appearing??

neilmccauley's avatar
my all-time favourite ;)
kejdi's avatar
where do you got the background from? like it! :)
I love the colors!

btw, could you share the background pls? or maybe do a wallpaper with that?
Oceandeep76's avatar
Great work bro... I like it.

Anyway, where can I get the circle blue background?...
odioART's avatar
.please fix the link
Bobbyperux's avatar
Sorry, but I can´t fix anything since the link is working for me. Try Firefox, that´s what I´m using.
Bobbyperux's avatar
Did you fix it?
odioART's avatar
.yes, i downloaded through Firefox. thanks
Bobbyperux's avatar
Finally a solution!. :thumbsup:
OtisBee's avatar
i'm having the same issues when trying to download the skin.
instead of a dialog window i'm getting a blank page.

however, it doesn't seem to be a problem with your file but more an issue with deviantART, because the issue occured to me on various other downloadable files as well.
random files that is.
some can be downloaded while others don't. :hmm:

i have tried both IE7 and Opera btw.

hope it will be fixed soon, because i so much want to try your great looking update.

besides i'm highly addicted to the downloadable stuff here on dA in general and being refused my daily dosis isn't something i can stand for very long. :crazy:
Bobbyperux's avatar
hahahahaha. Yeah, dA is acting weird for me too. Sometimes I have to reload the same page several times to be able to see what´s actually in it. Did you try Firefox? It works for me to download content from here.

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