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XBOX 360


Quick icon of an XBOX 360 I made just for fun.


One icon in PNG format with a resolution of 512x512px (Leopard Ready) and the PSD I used to create the icon.


You can grab a Playstation3 PSD from here.

|Terms of use:

This file is free to use, both the icon and the PSD. You can do everything you want with the content of this file except using it for monetary gains or commercial purposes. That´s forbidden. Thanks for reading.

© 2008 Roberto Abril Hidalgo|
© 2008 - 2022 Bobbyperux
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how can i download this?
Nice. Thank you
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Thanks for this and the PS3 & iMac Icon
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Xbox 360! Damn nice, like the work.
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believe it or not, but i have never touched or seen the real thing yet.
your work however makes it quite enticing.
great attention to detail again, man.

yet another awesome piece of art from you. :nod:
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neither I ;)

Thanks a lot man :beer:
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looks really great Bobby ..................... except shouldn't the ring be " RED " instead of lime green :P

Bobbyperux's avatar
haha, use this at your own risk :P
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The details are amazing, great job!
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Clean ;) Thank you for the .psd
Featured on GuiPulp ;)
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Np and thanks for the feature man :)
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esta increible, yo quiero una de esas para mi :giggle:
Bobbyperux's avatar
jaja ya somos dos :)
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damn dude, is this vectored?
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Yeah, most of the layers are pure vector shapes :)
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Ahhhhh!!!! Very much appreciated! I was going to do this on my own. But I was just going to do a frontal view and side view.
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Np man. Maybe you could use some parts from this file to make your own ;)
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Hm... Maybe I'll use the lighting style you used and my 360 as a reference. I'll do what I can. xD
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