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Daily Deviation
January 8, 2009
" A really wonderfully designed combination of matching Journal and Gallery CSS with a very classy feel and look. "

Wood CSS Pack by *Bobbyperux
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Wood CSS Pack




A quick free Journal+Gallery CSS to use for deviantArt subscribers I made just for fun. You must have a subscription in order to use the contents of this package.


There two different txt files inside the Wood CSS Pack Folder. And obviously, one .txt is for the Journal and the other one for the gallery. You just need to copy and paste the code from the .txts to the respective fields in the respective boxes in the submission dialogs inside deviantArt.

There are a few notes inside each header description elements so you can have a clearest idea of what each one of those precise fields do.

Please, be kind and do not remove the code which points to this deviation to people to download this package. You can use this code to learn how to create your own CSS journal or gallery, but if you decide to stay with my design, it would be great if you leave those links untouched. I leave the decision to your common sense if you know what I mean.

The code has been tested on Firefox 3.0.3 and Opera 9.5/9.6 and it works pretty good. I´m not a IE user and I strongly recommend to not to use it, however it works in a very close way and the differences are very subtle, but well, they are. I´m not going to give support to IE users in order to use this package properly in the same way that the other browsers do. Same for Safari/Camino users.

All images are already uploaded to imageshack, so you can just get rid of that step.

If you have any troubles using this package, send me a note or leave me a comment and I will try to help you.

:bulletorange:You can see a live version of the journal HERE and for the gallery HERE


Wood pattern is originally created by Henri Liriani

|Terms of use

The contents of this package are free to use/open source. You can use the code to create your own journal and galleries or whatever you want. I only ask for keeping the links that point to this deviation if you use the content of the package as it is.

© 2008 Roberto Abril Hidalgo|
© 2008 - 2023 Bobbyperux
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