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Niome ICOs


.ICO version for windows of my Niome PNG set.


77 different icons including start menu, system folders and symbols icons among others.


Thanks to ~anthonium for the conversion from PNG to ICO.

|Terms of use:

These icons are copyright © and intented for personal desktop use only. You may NOT modify and release or redistribute them without my permission. These icons may not be used in any way for commercial purposes.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the icons.

© 2007-2008 Roberto Abril Hidalgo |


EDIT: 04/21/08 ----->Now all .ico files are including all possible resolutions: 256x256px / 128x128px / 64x64px / 32x32px / 16x16px. Please RE-DOWNLOAD the icons for a better user experience!
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Pack for IconPackager Pleasee!!!
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looks nice... =D
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Looks very nice mate :D
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Thanks again Simon :)
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Awesome work buddy! i might be adding to my new GUI page if you ok it, check it @ [link]
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Sure man. Go ahead

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Where's the rest of the resolutions?
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Sorry I´m not sure about what you are saying

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16px, 24px, 32px
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You mean within each icon right?. Sorry I did the combersion with a photoshop plug-in and it only let me to save individual resolutions each time I save the PNGs as a ICO file. I tried to do the job with Axialis IconWorkshop but there was too many options and I get lost. If you tell me how can I do that, I´ll do. Cheers!
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Exelentes!!! estos si que me sirven =)
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Beautiful icons. nicely done.
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stupid question..
what program is used to install them?
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