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Apple remote


Recently I found a tutorial on PSDTUTS about how to make an apple remote controller with Photoshop.

Like many other tutorials posted in that site I found the contribution very interesting, too bad their policy about sharing PSDs and other resources is turning into, let´s say, something less democratic... So, here there are some icons I made following that tutorial.

I skipped some steps and added a few of my own in the process of making the icons, so it is not an exact copy of what you can see in their page. Hope it will be useful in some way for you.


There are included 3 PNG icons with a resolution of 512x512px (Leopard Ready) and the PSD I used to make the icons for you to play around with layers and effects.

|Terms of Use

This file is free to use, redistribute, claim as own work and that kind of stuff, don´t need to give credit if used in any way, but please don´t use these files for monetary gains. That´s forbidden, it is all I ask for.

Roberto Abril Hidalgo |
© 2008 - 2021 Bobbyperux
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Remote Controller Photoshop oh wow..Good job very nice and amazingly beautiful :)
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Nice Work..
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thanks, good work !
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i like the (RED PRODUCT) remote ^^
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PSDTuts has awesome tutorials. Nice work! Are you going to take place in the contest they are setting up? [link]
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I don´t think so, not have much time to spend with personal projects atm and well, I´m not that good anyway :P
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Quality icons :thumbsup:
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Hmm...Maybe you could try to add some glossyness? ;)
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ahh come on you know that guy is the shit man, I was meaning something less minucious you know, I have a lot of things to learn before making something similar to him but well, I guess I get your point and...hey! we shared more than 3 comments in a row! :wow: haha :D
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Haha yeah. I been trying to learn his techniques also, shame that he doesnt tell how much time he uses on everything though. Btw, I recomment to do everything first in high resolution, and then make it about 1/2 - 1/3 of the orginal size. Makes everything look much better. For example, my second latest work is only 1/5 of the orginal scale.

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Yup man, I use to do the same thing with my stuff but many times I have to rasterize first because I like to work with shapes (to keep editing properties ) and sometimes when you add blending effects they change the values when you resize the layers (for example a 10px stroke is not the same at 2500x1600 than 1920x1200 but it keeps the same value for that, for not to talk about bevels...), so many times the result is better but you can´t edit the final outcome anymore in that final and smaller size. It would be so cool to have a feature like smart filters (in CS3) for blending options in Photoshop, doesn´t it? haha :)
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esta muuuuy bueno y la calidad me parece mejor que la del tut! :D
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