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July 11, 2009
Amakrits Suite by *Bobbyperux This is one sexy and crisp visual style to make your XP look awesome. It comes with other matching skins to make your XP look awesomer (is that a word?)
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Amakrits Suite




Open Source replacement Package for Windows XP.


  • :bulletgreen: Amakrits Visual Style for Windows XP. You need to patch your XP installation with UXThemePatcher before applying any third party themes. You can Download the necessary archives from here.

  • :bulletgreen: Amakrits Icon Set: More than 80 icons in PNG & ICO format. You can download only the PNG set from here or the ICO set from here.

  • :bulletgreen: Amakrtis CAD Skin made by =OtisBee. You can download only this skin for CAD from the original deviation at the artist page here.

  • :bulletgreen: Amakrtis Rocket Dock Skin for PNG placement at your desktop. You can Download Rocket Dock for free from here.

  • :bulletgreen: Amakrits Styler TB Skin. You can Download Styler for free from here.

  • :bulletgreen: Amakrtis Wallpaper. Nature inspired wallpaper to go with the theme. It cames in FullScreen (1280x1024px), WideScreen (1280x800, 1440x900, 1920x1200px) , DualSCreen (2560x1600px) & iPhone (320x480px) resolutions.

  • :bulletgreen: Fonts used in the different applications of the Suite. Make sure you install the fonts first before applying the theme.



I strongly recommend to turn on Styler "Clear Type" feature for smoother text display using the smaller font size.

If you want to your clock to have the same look as the one in the preview just download and install the LClock free application from here.

|Terms of Use:

The Visual Style contained in this Suite is Open Source. You can edit and release it under the same copyright restrictions as this theme has. However you are not allowed to redistribute this theme as it is in any other websites or blogs without my written permission. If you want to share the release of this suite, please just post a link back to this page.

If you want to modify and/or release the CAD skin, please put yourself in contact with its original author at =OtisBee account.

Not the icons, Rocket Dock Skin neither the Wallpaper included in this suite are open source and they are intended for personal desktop use only. You may not modify and release or redistribute them without my permission. Those files may not be used in any way for commercial purposes.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the suite.

© 2009 Roberto Abril Hidalgo | |
© 2009 - 2024 Bobbyperux
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Download was missing .theme file :(