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Mind Puzzles

It took me forever. Almost all objects or beings portrayed are connected together in many fasions.
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Well, I dunno what that last comment meant, but it's cool. Fused together.
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i love it! very complex and has many different themes my favorites in there are the pig with the drumstick legs and the frog with thte banjo lol
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That must have taken ages. So many images tied together, it's almost mind blowing!
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wow i love the detail in this very well done i could look at this for hours
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Very chaotic... :D

This is one of those pieces that you can look at a million times, and still find something new everytime :)
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wow! very nice! i love the way everything blends together so well. and i think this would look amazing if you ever decided to paint it.
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Funny you should say that, because I did make a painting version inspired by this exact drawing. However, There are some things missing from the painting, but it is colored and makes up for it. I'll post it in a couple of days. :)
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can't wait to see it :)
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wow thats quite incredible 0___o Did this take you long?
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It took a couple weeks. I mostly worked on it at school.
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cool drawing :)
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very nice! you've done an incredible amount of detail. Is it all random or is there a story hidden in there?
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It's all a bunch of crazy things strewn together in one wacky picture. I tended to draw from my childhood memories.
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ahhh. very interesting. keep up to good work.
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Great drawing! :-D
I love looking for all the objects in these kinds
Of drawings. :thumbsup:
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