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Ali G Digital Portrait

A to the L to the I to the G-sy
J to the U to the L I easy
S to the H A double-G-sy Y
Oh, boys getting busy

We got some, mmm, make a connection
She and me
We be bangin' to a Shaggy selection
One time for my Julie, ay

----- from "Me Julie" by ALI G & SHAGGY

Well here is the first ever digital portrait i did in Photoshop cs2. Once again, no tablet or digital pen used, done with a mouse. I finished it a longtime back but couldnt submit it here coz i have no net access at my home. darn...

Dedicated to Oasim *pixelbudah :iconpixelbudah:, the greatest 3d Flash website designer and developer. His work motivated me into learning flash and i imdiately fell in love with it. His art and talent exceeds any limits and he breaks all the boundaries to his benefit. He is also one of my very first watchers and friends here on DA.... here is one to longtime friends and great talent...

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I Iz here wif none otha then my man Ali G!! 
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Music MADONNA!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Junge is massive :XD:
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So realistic!
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Wicked. ;D Nice work!
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Thanks a lot buddy.
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Most welcome. ;)
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East 2 Westcoast that's tight! :faint:

Ali G the white ass G 4Life :XD:

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I love the part when hes going on a hunger strike and hes chained to the gate and the janitor come by and buffs his pines
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oh thats not janitor... thats the gang from eastend.... ALI's arc enemies lol
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