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Gender Neutral Toilet Signs by Bobbu Gender Neutral Toilet Signs by Bobbu
The splendid Lotte over at Poly In Pictures made a marvellous webcomic about gender-neutral toilet signs. They did some lovely symbols for toilets and toilets with urinals in them, and is offering them for free download - however, they're hand drawn, so not the best quality for printing off and using at high resolution.

So I decided to re-do them in Adobe Illustrator, so that folks can print them off at high resolution, and make them look all professional and authoritative. Maybe people will pay more attention to them that way. The zip folder contains the Illustrator file, a 2 page PDF, jpg, png and svg versions of these signs.

Go forth, and change the world in tiny, but significant ways!

(You have my express permission to use these wherever you want without the need to credit me as their creator. However, it would be nice if you are sharing them online to give me a shout out. I'm not fussy.)
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