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Lol, I'm sooo sorry I've been neglecting my dA. College life, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr took over. I'm sorry, dA! I'm back now ;p

College has been going well. I've made quite a lot of new friends, and I go out with them fairly often. I'm still figuring a couple of things out, still trying to find my footing, but it's going well (:

No, I still have no boyfriend XD I don't really think anyone in college likes me, and I don't really think I like any guys in college. Maybe a couple, but I only admire them from afar ;p
I finally told Mishi about Arjan and me. Not that there's much there anymore. I'm not sure if it was just a short-lived thing, or if it'll continue, but he's coming in June, so I guess I'll have to find out when he gets here.(: He made me promise to take him to watch the Fifa World Cup Finals. =.= Sighh, oh well. BOYS. XD

I've had work!!! Haha. AND I got paid for my photos!! Lol. MelMel hired Sasha and me to photograph for her grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary, and paid us RM100 for it, which is pretty good. I am so not complaining. ;p No other work though. I haven't been following up much on my photography ): Not great, I know. But I'll be getting back to work ASAP! :D

I guess thats all I have to say right now. ;p Byee! :D
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This really is the opening of a new chapter. Seriously unchartered waters for me. No more school. COLLEGE. Work, possibly. It's scary, but so exciting at the same time! :D I'm really really excited.

What's new for you guys this year? :D
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I think I'm gonna go back to my old hairstyle. o.O Bangs are nice, but too troublesome for me, especially with my curly hair. Now I have to wait for them to grow out abit more before I can push it to one side. ;p

Prom was okay, I'm pretty glad I actually experienced it. I sure hope college prom will be better! Might be going to Raffles for college, just checked out the courses and stuff today at the Education Fair. Everything seems pretty good there, and the diploma is recognized internationally, which is good. Hopefully, it'll give me that edge I need to become.. -drum roll- AN ART DIRECTOR! :D

Last of all, merry Christmas everyone!! In advance anyway, I'll probably put up another post on the day itself, if I have time. I'm feeling quite festive at the moment. Ta!
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I've just realised that ALOT of my photos are really YELLOW. O.O

Time to try out different lighting and white balance. ;p
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Hahaa. Sorry I haven't been uploading anything particularly epic, or unusual lately, I'm kind of preoccupied TRYING to study for SPM. Don't expect anything till after the 7th on December. This is me on a hiatus. Ciao!
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Tyson Ritter has a leg tumour and the Digi Music Festival has been postponed and by the time the poor sexy man recovers and the concert is on again, I will probably not be able to go.

Shiiiiiiiit lah. ):
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5521 pageviews. ;p
Thanks peeps. :D
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Some perve added me on MSN today. I only have one thing to say to people who add randomly just to tell you you're "sexy" and ask if you "have a webcam" because they want to "see you".


Pfffft. Talk about pathetic.
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Everyone seems super busy with new photos and shoots and subjects.
But I don't have time no more. ): SCREW YOU SPM! D<
I don't care. I'm going to take photos soon.
But of who?! What?! Where? WHEN?!
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I have to do this.
R.I.P., Michael Jackson. You were an amazing artist, performer and person. I wish I got to see you live in concert on your comeback tour, I would have happily paid for it just to see the greatest performer who ever lived do his thing onstage.
I will learn how to moonwalk.

I hope you're on a better place now.
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If I start naming my deviations after song titles, but give credit to the artists... Do I still get sued or something??
Just wondering, because I'm running out of titles. ;p
I know.
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Sooooooo hai!  I know I haven't been writing here much. ;p
I didn't get to do the photo shoot with :icondarkened-days: during the holidays. ): Rather sad, I think we just both got suddenly busy, or it could have been just me.
Nes, let's try again on Good Friday! :D Hahahaa.
Anyhoo, school's been uhm okay. I passed EVERYTHING! I'm so happy. ^^ Passing is hard. ;p I fail really well. HAHAHA. See if I die if I say that to my mom. :x

I've actually been drawing alot, but I haven't scanned much in. And I keep erasing my drawings. I blame :iconautumnbrat: XD She constantly erases her stuff, I swear I will one day take away every eraser around her. Blah.
Coldplay came to Singapore recently. :cry: I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY DIDN'T COME TO KUALA LUMPUR!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I wouldn't want to either, not after they DETAINED N.E.R.D. Idiot government. Now no one's ever gonna come here!

Woe is me.

I am SO going to the States. Maybe I'll go to Chile, TAI had a show there very recently and I'm SO jealous of this one fan whose poster got put up on William Beckett's blog. Argh! They like Chile. ;p

William, mi amor.
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So yeah, I've pretty much gotten over the rejection thing lol.
What more can I say.
I need to go out and find more photo ops. D: I feel so jobless with no photos to take!!
Okay. School holidays, we are gonna do some shoots people!! :clap: Lol, really. I want to experiment. ^^
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This sucks.
I've pretty much gaged that he doesn't like me. At all.
He totally bailed on me.
And well.
I feel like shit now.

Let me go wallow in self pity. Don't call me.
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happy valentines' day! (:
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3296 pageviews.
sounds like.. alot.
thanks? ^^ Hahaaa.

holidays' almost over. ;.;
Back to school soon.

okay baii. ;p
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dA got a new look.
It just occurred to me.
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I am utterly.. Horrifically confused.
Yes, that's it.
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blue. like a smurf.
no i'm not blue, just random.
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I just realized that I have 2861 pageviews. O:
Thats ALOT.

2008 is almost over. Are you excited?
I'm kind of excited. Not looking forward to SPM (that's like, a MAJOR exam for 17 year olds in Malaysia, for the knowledge of those who do not know), I just really want to get it done and over with. @.@
So yeah.
But I am excited for whats to come. My last year of compulsory schooling. My last year to tell people, "Yes, I'm still in secondary school. No, I am not twenty years old."


Its pretty scary once you think about it. I mean, including next year, I have exactly 3 years left to be a teenager. How scary is that? Four years have gone by in a flash, four fast, crazy years.

I have loved and hated every minute of it, but I regret nothing.
Happy new year, everyone! Soon, anyway. (:
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