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Amalgam Heroes Rebirth: Night-Spider

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Remade  Amalgam: Pete Grayson by BobbenKatzen dis thing, might get around to writing a new story for him eventually.
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Will definitely use as a reference, this is exactly what I had in mind when thinking him

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SansomonStudent Traditional Artist
I have some (actually innumerable) suggestions of possible Amalgams between DC characters and Marvel characters. I hope you like it:

Darkseid + Thanos
Doomsday + Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur) 
Mongul + Armageddon (Arm'Cheddon)
Despero + Onslaught (Psionic Entity)
Doctor Polaris + Magneto
Lord Havok + Doctor Doom
Morgaine le Fey (DC) + Morgan le Fay (Marvel)
Mordred (DC) + Modred the Mystic (Marvel)
Solomon Grundy + The Abomination
Shaggy Man + Wendigo
Amazo + Super-Adaptoid
King Shark (Nanaue) + Tiger Shark (Todd Arliss) 
Lex Luthor + Obadiah Stane
The Joker + Green Goblin
Tracer + Sabretooth
Deathstroke + Taskmaster
Gorilla Grodd + Man-Ape (M'Baku)
Ultra-Humanite (Gerard Shugel) + Gorilla-Man (Arthur Nagan)
Killer Croc + Dragon Man
Black Beetle + Venom
Reverse-Flash + Speed Demon
Parasite + Half-life (Tony Masterson)
Brainiac + Ultron
Imperiex + Galactus
Power Ring + Doctor Spectrum
Johnny Quick + Atlanta Blur
Captain Nazi + Red Skull
The Ultrasphinx + Sphinx (Anath-Na Mut)
Ultraman + Hyperion
Grid + Magus (Technarchy)
Superwoman + Power Princess
The Enchantress (June Moone) + The Enchantress (Amora)
Annataz Arataz (She is the Earth-3 counterpart of Zatanna Zatara) + Arcanna
Bloodyhawk (Hro Talak the Earth-3 counterpart of Hawkman) + Blue Eagle
Owlman + Nighthawk
Deadeye (He is the Earth-3 counterpart of Green Arrow) + Golden Archer
Deathstorm + Nuke
Doctor Chaos (Burt Belker) + Professor Imam
White Cat (She is the Earth-3 counterpart of Black Canary) + Lady Lark
Sea King + Amphibian (Kingsley Rice)
White Martian (S'kaa M'axx) + Skymax the Skrullian Skymaster (Sk'ym'x)
Atomica (Rhonda Pineda) + Tom Thumb (Thomas Thompson)
Elasti-Man (He is the Earth-3 counterpart of Elongated Man) + Shape
Superman + Sentry
Shazam + Captain Mar-Vell (Genis-Vell)
Mary Marvel + Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)
Icon (Augustus Freeman) + Blue Marvel (Adam Bernard Brashear)
Steel (John Henry Irons) + War Machine (James Rhodes)
Lady Steel (Natasha Irons) + Ironheart (Riri Williams)
Captain Atom + Nuklo (Robert Frank, Jr.)
Bombshell (Amy Allen) + Hazmat (Jennifer Takeda)
Martian Manhunter + Super-Skrull
Green Lantern + Quasar
Wonder Woman + Valkyrie
Batman + Daredevil
Lobo + Wolverine
Supergirl + Xenith 
Raven (‎Rachel Roth) + Phoenix (Jean Grey)
Beast-Boy (Garfield Logan) + Beast (Hank McCoy)
Static Shock (Virgil Hawkins) + Berzerker (Ray Carter)
Blue Devil + Nightcrawler
The Flash + Quicksilver
Zatanna Zatara + Scarlet Witch
Doctor Fate + Doctor Strange
Swamp Thing + Man-Thing
Star Sapphire (Carol Ferris) + Darkstar (Laynia Petrovna)
Tasmanian Devil (Hugh Dawkins) + Warwolf (Martin Reyna)
Baby Wildebeest + Toro (Benito Serrano)
Pantha (X-24/Rosabelle Mendez) + Tigra (Greer Grant)
Damage (Ethan "Elvis" Avery Jr.) + Hulk (Bruce Banner)
Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) + Spider Man (Peter Parker)
Blue Beetle III (Jaime Reyes) + Ultimate Spider Man (Miles Morales)
Aquaman + Namor the Sub-Mariner
Queen Mera + Namora (Aquaria Nautica Neptunia)
Aquagirl (Tula) + Namorita (Namorita Prentiss)
Hawkman + The Falcon
Citizen Steel + Captain America
Agent Liberty + U.S.Agent
General Glory II (Donavan Wallace) + ‎The Patriot II (Rayshaun Lucas)
Black Canary + Black Widow
Green Arrow + Hawkeye
The Atom + Giant-Man/Ant-Man
Bumblebee + The Wasp
Superboy (Jonathan Samuel Kent teenager) + Kid Gladiator (Kubark)
Cyborg + Iron Man
Miss Martian + Lyja
Super-Chief (Jon Standing Bear) + Warpath (James Proudstar)
Flash (Jay Garrick) + Whizzer (Robert Frank)
Wildcat (Ted Grant) + Black Panther (King T'Challa of Wakanda)
Vixen (Mari Jiwe McCabe) + Black Panther II (Shuri)
Brainwave Jr (Henry King, Jr.) + Kid Ômega (Quentin Quire)
The Ray (Ray Terrill) + Spectrum (Mônica Rambeau)
Doctor Light (Kimiyo Hoshi) + Dazzler (Alison Blaire) 
Speedy II (Mia Dearden) + Hawkeye II (Kate Bishop)
Obsidian (Todd James Rice) + Cloak (Tyrone "Ty" Johnson)
Jade (Jennifer-Lynn Hayden) + Dagger (Tandy Bowen)
Catwoman (Selina Kyle) + Black Cat (Felicia Hardy)
Batwoman (Kate Kane) + Elektra (Elektra Natchios)
The Olympian (Achilles Warkiller) + Hercules the Prince of Power
Congorilla (William "Congo Bill" Glenmorgan) + Gorilla-Man (Kenneth Hale)
Starman (Prince Gavyn) + Nova (Richard Rider)
Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) + Mockingbird (Barbara "Bobbi" Morse)
Wylde (Charles Wylde) + Ursa Major (Mikhail Uriokovitch Ursus)
Red Star (Leonid Konstantinovitch Kovar) + Winter Guardian (Nikolai Krylenko)
Etrigan the Demon (Jason Blood) + Gargoyle (Isaac Christians)
Rocket Red + Crimson Dynamo
Mister Miracle + Ikaris
Big Barda + Thena
Lightray + Makkari
Orion + Gilgamesh The Forgotten One
Izaya the Highfather + Zuras
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Ben-J-Kirby-TennysonStudent General Artist
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I don’t know how I feel about Nightwing+Spider-Man. They feel too different conceptually.
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fishgutsconquersallStudent General Artist
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They are both so cool
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UsagichanBRHobbyist General Artist
Cool :) 
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A great combo :D you can do stuff like Kaine + Red Hood :P
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KoKoMaggotHobbyist Artist
Who’s slinger supposed to be a combo of?
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BobbenKatzenHobbyist Digital Artist
Robin and Spider-Man.
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Both sets of designs are pretty good. There are elements I like from both, like the covered face on these, the web cape on this Robin combo, and the black suit influence from the first Night-Spider. But overall, I think I like the style of this one more. :thumbsup:
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Thought it was a great idea then and now I like it more slightly
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BobbenKatzenHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, I'm glad you like it!
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Stormbreaker616Student General Artist
I love both old and new versions of this character :) it would be cool to see if you went in a different direction to shake things up. That way we can have two unique interpretations of Night-Spider :)
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Sagebrush-N-SaddlesProfessional General Artist
Hate to admit it but I like the first Night Spider more. 
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Andruril93Hobbyist General Artist
Looks like a good upgrade.
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BobbenKatzenHobbyist Digital Artist
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Andruril93Hobbyist General Artist
Sure thing.
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cossiokpoStudent General Artist
Why Is the spider golden?
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Plus it is based on other Nightwing costumes, like this one:…
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cossiokpoStudent General Artist
Ohh I get it
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BobbenKatzenHobbyist Digital Artist
It looks good.
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