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Bank robbery



Bank robbery cartoon.
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evelyn : oh god no
jerry : what is it , honey
evelyn : we're behind on our taxes , and neither of our paychecks are due 'til the end of the week
jerry : don't worry honey , i know what to do
(scene changes to the interior of a bank)
evelyn : you brought us to a bank , that's surprisingly normal
jerry : oh don't worry , the 2nd part's about to kick in (pulls out a machete) THIS IS A ROBBERY , EVERYBODY GET ON THE FUCKING GROUND
(everybody complies)
jerry : IF THIS BITCH MOVES (hands evelyn a machete) CUT HIS HEAD OFF
evelyn : jerry , i don't wanna do this
jerry : YOU HAVE TO , LIKE YOU SAID , WE'RE BEHIND ON OUR TAXES (breaks the glass with the handle of his machete)
evelyn : jerry
jerry : THERE'S (begins taking money bags out from behind where the glass was) NO TIME TO ARUGE , WE GOT 150 2NDS BEFORE THE POLICE RESPOND TO THE SILENT ALARM (puts 1 bag on the floor) AND CHECK THOSE BAGS FOR DYE PACKS (puts the rest of the bags on the floor) WHO'S THE MANAGER HERE
(a guy sticks his head up)
guy : (nervously) uh , i am