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"If she happened to find her doppelganger, she would return him to her."

I think this is the saddest line in the story. It implies that she wouldn't have used her tiny counterpart as a lab rat. And if Joe just mentioned what he found to her... The two families could live together, as happy as they can be in this new world.

Also, you sort of mentioned that Rebecca was stripping her doppelganger? Is there more to that? Is she... Into herself?
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Excellent questions - there is a famous quote regarding a work no longer being owned by the writer once it is read. I do encourage you to consider what you think the most complete answer to those questions is.

That being said, here are my thoughts on those two perspectives

1. Laura wanting to return Joe to his Laura was a way to show what humanity she had left. She didn’t view him as a plaything but someone she cared deeply for. She kept him “safe” because she was opening the door, literally, for the exploitation of this tiny dimension. It was quite a risk traveling as a giant for that distance to collect him and her son. This would further alert authorities and the people of that world of the impeding invasion. Others, like the Dean and Rebecca regarded their doppelgänger as mere toys or curiosities, and Laura too to an extent with other people, but not the ones closest to her - herself, Joe and her son.

Additionally it shows her meekness at approaching her Joe directly about her feelings. Had she opened up to him, she would have found him literally carrying her next to his heart. I imagine if they did talk, they would realize their mutual love and respect and made a home with their doppelgängers while working to ethically treat this tiny world.

2. Rebecca is...well Rebecca. She is probably my favorite character of the bunch, and I wanted to give her a bigger role. She is clearly intelligent, geeky and with curiosity to spare. I left her sexuality ambiguous but I think she would really be curious enough to be bisexual.

Now, I don’t think she is autosexual (that would be very hard to do without jumping dimensions!) but there is a very self-erotic message around taking advantage of one’s self. Could someone rape themself? Clearly Rebecca can at the moment, but by extension during the act of masterbation can one do that in the real world? It’s an interesting thought.

However, while I do believe Rebecca will care for her doppelgänger and they will eventually sate each other’s sexual needs from time to time, she was just stripping her doppelgänger out of curosity.