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Super Star Destroyer Eclipse Class 04

Model of Super Star Destroyer Eclipse class (custom made), from "Star Wars: Dark Empire" comic book, made by a destroyed base of Fiorenzo Delle Rupi, recreated and remounted, with an electrical system of lights and sounds, with more than 3 thousand pieces.
It has 1 switch to control the "power on" of the lights, 2 switches to active the "superlaser" led and 1 switch to active the flexible led for the "primary ignition" (they can be controlled remotely by a wifi remote control).
Inside there is a speaker connected in bluetooth to a smartphone for the sounds effects by a custom soundboard.

Working time: about 8 months + several months for the renovation of the original base.
More than 3 thousand pieces (estimated)

Scale: 1:15625
Length: 112cm / 44"
Height: 64cm / 25"
Width: 70 cm / 27,5"
Weight: 4,5 Kg / 9lb

7 meters of led strips
3 50cm strips of led in sequence
2 Red flashing Leds
1 Bluetooth Speaker
4 swithes + 2 switches for speaker power on and volume
10 meters of electrical wires and welds
2 12v AC power adapter and 1 5v USB for the speaker
1 Illuminated support (multicolor RGB) with imperial logo and technical details
The "Making of" gallery:
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Heya dude, awesome work. Always loved Dark Empire. Thought I'd give you the heads up there's some supposed leaked concept work for The Force Awakens which uses this photograph as the basis. I get the feeling it's a fan fake using your pics but if real I hope they jointly credit you as the joint artist of the piece. 
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I saw!! Thanks for your appreciation and information!
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Sexy... and proper!
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will you build a FarStar for me?
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