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where's the beef?

wow, that took me a long time to finish. like, over a week.
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LOL that is awesome.
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If only the ones in Majora's Mask weren't so creepy.

Also, typical Tuesday night.
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OH this explains it
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LOL! Where's the beef?! Looks like Papa alien forgot it again! Dang it papa!!:X
Looks like the yellow exclaimation point is him ready to give out a quest to an adventurer. I am William Shatner and i'm a Shamen!
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Gasp! It's all so clear now.... This is great. I love the way he looks miffed that he's having to drive to the proverbial store to get more beef.
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It all makes sense now...
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ahahha love his alien apron
wonder what is says in english
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What all aprons say...Tele-communicate Feelings of Affection to the Cook
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nice :D
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This is hilarious- :heart:
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Hehe! Good observation! =)
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That explains the cow's...
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This explains everything.
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Oh, Sweet Jumping Jabberwocky! You are one of the funniest people on the internet!
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LOL! Now we know the truth! :lmao:
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How do you do your art? It looks like a mix of pencil and digital, but what is your technique?

Great comic, BTW...Over a week of work payed off.
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i draw in pencil and then color in Photoshop Elements.
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oh cool. Do you use many layers? I mean, I just opened up Elements and found it a little hard to draw around pencil. Very cool, tho.
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i keep the pencil work to it's own layer and usualy i just have a layer for the color and a layer for the background.
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Sorry, one more question about elements...How do you isolate pencil work so you can color under it?
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well i have the pencil work in a layer, i set that layer to multiply and then i create a layer under it to color.
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