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July 2, 2008
the joy of figure painting by *Bob-Rz speaks for itself.
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the joy of figure painting

and that tattoo, well, that'll just be our little secret.
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kskillz's avatar
HILARIOUS!!! I miss good ol Bob.
mkgraphite's avatar
Buhahaha this is hilarious well done!
pixelorc's avatar
Just found a censored repost of a censored repost of a repost of this on Imgur. Wanted to find who the author was, but google-image-search failed. Fortunately someone more powerful than I found the answer and linked it to me.
....anyway, nice painting Mr. Ross. Very pretty.
artfan198's avatar

That line from the word bubble, is that from Family Guy?


cause, I think I remember a line like that from that show.

Fantasy-Play's avatar
OMG I am so happy to have found this art! :giggle: classic :P
Psychodragoncat's avatar
This is the greatest thing ever! XDDDD
tapiLI's avatar
ha bob ross ! i absolutely enjoyed it whenever he said happy little clouds
JGBoson's avatar
aurora-cs's avatar
*giggles* Oh, this is just fun!
Now... we put some trees over... here. Just like that... (under breath) *you dirty girl...
juliethestrange's avatar
Ramilus's avatar
Wow that was refreshing to find this, So funny, had been fishing trough a lot of bad art.

Well done. =)
DrozzDragon's avatar
relly funny i lov it
ST3RR3's avatar
You have won the internets.
tbonegirl28's avatar
I laughed so hard!! :D very clever!!
savagedolls's avatar
Gosh, you have no idea how happy this made me. So silly! So perfect. Thanks for the giggle.
Permisane's avatar
so sooooooooo so funny XD I literally laughed out loud. Pure genius.
Aykah's avatar
You're amazing lol
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