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frog and panties

By Bob-Rz
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i dont know what's up with this doodle. seriously.
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Doktor Frogg in undies?
nbusse's avatar
funny hahahah
and if I translate this to my language... this is HILARIOUS
supersaiyandoyle's avatar
and so warts began.
thats actualy a myth
Raziel1000's avatar
Something about warts and genatalia
Coooldots1994's avatar
It's the frog... princess or something. Lol hilarius though.
miramiss's avatar
okay! I was laughing loud, and almost woke my roomie. I blame you! darn! love this droodle!
ZIM402's avatar
ahahahah ahhahaha
hahah ahhaha
artist block again?

love that frog
Bigfish19912's avatar
Thats a huge fucking frog man, those panties dont even cover his head!
Coooldots1994's avatar
they're barbie panties :ohnoes:
maverick-decadence's avatar
This makes me smile.
I-am-JN's avatar

(Heheheh. I likes the style you used in this).

Scellanis's avatar

Cool frog!
Dr-Baconman's avatar
Toad in the Hole?
Jammerlee's avatar
So... what happens if you kissed that frog? XD
NolGeo's avatar
Maybe your frogish to get into someones underpants?
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