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PESONA 4 : Mitsuru and Akihiko



Finally it's done. Fan art of PERSONA 4 ARENA
You've probably wonder an "r" missing from the title, but yeah---i deliberately make that :icontehestareplz:

"PESONA" means CHARM in Indonesian language, works really good as pun,huh ? :rofl:

Starring Mitsuru Kirijo The Imperious Queen of Executions and Akihiko Sanada the Two-fisted Protein Junkie :mwahaha:, the kiddos from Persona 4 can't even match these two Persona 3 veteran :mwahaha: because they're just too awesome :rofl:

I was excited to see their new appearances in P4A, too cool to be compared to P4 characters who only wear school uniforms :giggle: Mitsuru chooses her fashion really well and elegantly sexy while Akihiko is already super cool without any shirt, he's perfect with that boxer cloack, its color even matches Mitsuru too :lmao: Mitsuru and Akihiko were already cool seniors in P3 and now they're leading the roles once again in P4A as the coolest senpai(s) :D

...although i think it's weird to see Persona became fighting game so suddenly but yeah it's unique and looks fun.

Can't wait to see The Movie of Persona 3 which is already confirmed for future too :la: YAY for Persona and Atlus ! :w00t:
Atlus' works are always so motivating and creative :love:

........ haha, Akihiko's humiliation title kinda hurt me a bit too :P :rofl: W-well, proteins are important for guys ! :lmao:

P3: Akihiko and Mitsuru, P4: Yu, Kanji,Teddie,Brosuke, Chie, Yukiko, Rise and Naoto (c) Shigenori Soejima, Atlus
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:lol: Yu and Naoto are so... Out-of-character here, and I love it :XD: