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Conan Inks progression by Misfit over Geoff Shaw p

Here is the grey scale progression of geff Shaw's amazing Conan piece.
I really think how I inked this baby really makes it pop.
What do you think?
Are you a fan of the Grey tones and washes?
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Bob-Misfit-Modelski's avatar
Thanks! I appreciate that.
nikoskap's avatar
Your inks are so faithful to the pencils,really incredible.
Bob-Misfit-Modelski's avatar
Thanks. I do appreciate that! The style works better with some than others but I love inking Geoffs stuff.
The styles blend so well.
imagine1207's avatar
Gorgeous work! Very flattered. You've accomplished that rare feat of making the penciller happier with the ink render than the original. Great job!

If you want to send me the high res of this process sheet I'd love to put it up on my site, with due credit of course.
Bob-Misfit-Modelski's avatar
Wow! That would be so amazing! I will send that to you for sure.
I am very glad and relieved to see that you like it. I love your work and it truly means a lot to me that you are happy with it.
I have only recently gotten  back into comics after many years away. Hearing that someone of your talent enjoys what I am doing helps to drive me forward and assures me I am heading in the right direction.
I hope you do not mind as well but I loved your Hulk VS Swamp Thing art so much that I am inking a few of those pages up.
I also am a huge fan of the Wrightson work and am trying to stick to that theme. Your art seems to be a perfect match for my style in many ways.
I would love for you to check them out and give me your honest feedback on them  when done.
Keep up the outstanding work and thanks so much for taking the time to stop by.
Lunatic38's avatar
Inks and Grey I am a fan of! :)
Bob-Misfit-Modelski's avatar
Thanks for taking the time to comment!
JBarraxJr's avatar
Exellent! yes, the washes work well, but I think it could have been done just as well in pure black & white. Maybe that's because of my exposure to Barry Windsor-Smith and P Craig Russell. But it's still quite well done and would be stellar in a traditional black & white magazine like the old Savage Sword of Conan monthly. :-)
Bob-Misfit-Modelski's avatar
Thanks. Yes, i grew up on the old Savage Swords as they have always been main influence. From Smiths awesome work to Buscemas. Loved them all.
Thanks again for taking the time to comment as well.
delaronde's avatar
awesome job mate!
Bob-Misfit-Modelski's avatar
Thanks I do appreciate that. Glad you like it and thanks for taking the time to comment.
delaronde's avatar
My pleasure. Always happy to comment on amazing work. It keeps me motivated at the same time. :D
SeanE's avatar
I'd love your highres to colour up someday!!...!

sean at seanellery dot com

Bob-Misfit-Modelski's avatar
I will try to get you the best version i can. The trouble is that I really only did this piece as an example to post in my journal so I worked pretty small to save some time.
Ill recheck when and let you know tomorrow when i am back at that computer.
Thanks for commenting! I do appreciate you taking the time and I will return the favor with the piece if I can.
I know i have the High Res of the Red Skull Piece if I do not have something better of the conan.
Let me know if you would want that as well or in place if the quality isnt up to your standards on the other.
SeanE's avatar
Red skull would be great!
Bob-Misfit-Modelski's avatar
I tried seanellery . com and it said invalid email.
You can message me here if you do not want to post it. isend those right out to you now that i know where I stashed them. lol
Bob-Misfit-Modelski's avatar
Sorry for the delay. i am sending you a few samples now. Please let me know if those work for you?
Bob-Misfit-Modelski's avatar
Great, Ill get them to you tomorrow when i get to work. i have them stored on that computer.
Thanks again and please be sure to send me the results so i can check it out and show it off!! lol!
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