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Zerg Defiler WIP

By Boarguts
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Starcraft 2: Zerg Defiler WIP
Modeled by Phill Gonzales
Concept by Mr.--Jack
Animated by Jay Hathaway

The retired Zerg units from Starcraft 1 were some of the first things modeled for HotS. Once the Devourer, Guardian, and Classic Queen were complete work began on the Defiler. Unfortunately time had run out on prototyping and the art never recieved a final texture.

But it's still in the game for those who dig it up!

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Played a mod with the complete version of this guy, really amazing work.

Looks like I was wrong about the "lack" of brood war mods, theres a ton in "custom". Arcade doesn't have any for some reason.
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So, now with the release of the Patch 3.2 and the "Nova: Covert Ops" mission pack, the defiler was finally finished and received a portrait as well. :)

Finally the defiler arrived properly!
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It finally happened! Dreams come true sometimes!
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A fan-made texture was made eventually, and I think it looks pretty accurate.
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I really, reeeeeaaaaalllyyy love the way you tried and made the models. Love the way Mr. Jack makes the concept art. But I wish they would sound the part (menacing, tenacious, terrifying) like their SC1 counterparts.
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There might still be a chance in LotV. 
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Keep the hope alive!!!! It might happen!!!
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If it's not in Legacy of the Void and there's no Starcraft 3 I'm going to be very cross.
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I was super psyched when i was browsing the editor one day and found the original zerg units (like this the Guardian, Devourer and Queen). Only thing i cant wait for is if/when you guys finnish the Defiler Model and if you bring back the others! ^_^ Like the Valkyrie, coursair, Dark Archon (one of my personal favs!) etc. If only purely for map makers, and for fun! Tho a remake of the original in SC2 quality would be AMAZING, doubt you guys have time for that! xD lol, well Thanks so much for everything you do! Cant wait for LotV! (oh and if you guys ever get bored an official model of a cerebrate would be AWSOME!) ^_^
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I really want all the classic units back, but it always comes down to time and finding the right place to integrate them. Sadly, a Cerebrate is off-limits. 
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ahh, yeah thats understandable. Kinda stinks that Cerebrates are off-limits tho. I always liked the Overmind -> Cerebrate -> Zerg myself, i mean dont get me wrong Kerrigan is Badass, but i always prefered the overmind/Cerebrates. xD I always wanted to make a campaign with a stray Cerebrate that had lost its connection to the overmind but had survived, but without a model its kinda difficult xD haha anyways, thanks so much for the reply! Keep up the awsome work! Cant wait to see what happens in Legacy of the Void! Have a great Day! ^_^
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I can admit I have been waiting for this model since the original announcement of SC1 units being in the editor. When I saw the Defiler bones, I was sad.

Since 1998 my portrait on any community site for StarCraft was a defiler, until I had to get with the times with SC2.

A thanks from myself, knowing even if it doesn't get patched in you had the intention to, and I'm sure from a few if not many of my fellows at Campaign Creations.
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Thanks for the huge amount of Defiler appreciation! We're trying to use our last chance in Void to get the missing units back in game! Including finishing the Defilier. /crosses fingers!
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If soul finish the retexture. Is there a change that you let it in a patch ? (with his permission of course)
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I think this will eventually get an official texture from a SC2 artist.
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disgustingly amazing
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Waait, so it's in the game? Animations and all? Just lacking a texture? :O
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Lacking a texture and doesn't really have any animations aside from the basic stand.
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Ah, I see. Well, I just noticed that Motizuki is patching it up, and it's looking pretty good, so at least we have that! :D
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I miss the Dark Swarm ability.
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Hi, I love your work, and I like to see older versions here.

I wanted to say I'm working on the Defiler to release a complete version. I already made new textures and right now I'm retouching the animations. If anyone is interested you can watch it here: [link]
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Rick the Technical Artist pointed me to your thread actually! Very inspiring to see the Defiler love and your work on completing the texture!
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Can't you do it and post it in an update? :((
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