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WoW - The Four Horsemen



The Four Horsemen from World of Warcraft: Lady Blaumeux, Baron Rivendare, Thane Kroth'azz, and Sir Zeliek.

I used screenshots as a starting point and heavily inked over them. Initially I was only going to draw Baron Rivendare as a debt payment to a cruel friend ( ), but adding the other three riders turned into an appealing idea.

Depicting the Four Horseman standing still in the snow seemed kinda cool, since they're basically 8 zombies there is something more chilling about them just waiting in place motionless. ALSO, drawing weapons in all their hands seemed to overload the piece, so I didn't draw any weapons. Liberty was taken with the details!

These Death Knights are my most current arch-nemesis, after a few moths of farming they have yet to drop Armageddon Y__Y…

OK the sword dropped everything is fine now.
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